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Shoulder healed and scars begin to disappear.

A few weeks ago I was in a park in Tacoma Washington with one of our team members. I was just showing him around becauae he had never been there before. We were on a trail when we ran into Mike, a perfect stranger who started to ask us questions about the trail. He mentioned something about having had surgery on his shoulder and not being in the best shape anymore. I asked him what was happened and he said he was in a serious accident that required major surgery and rehab to his shoulder. He showed us the recent huge, raised, purple scars that come from surgery on his upper arm and said he could not lift his shoulder or use it like he should be able to. I asked him if we could pray for it. He thought I meant later but I asked, can we do it now? He said, right now!? I said yes. So he said, what the heck. I told him God was going to heal him just because he loved him. We prayed once and it appeared nothing happened. We prayed again and you could see by his facial features that Holy Spirit was doing something. He said nothing. I asked him what happened and he said he was no different. I said ok, but God was going to heal him just because he loved him and gave him my card with my phone number on it, asking him to check out our website. When me and my friend walked away he asked me, did you see the look on his face, something happened, I responded, I know, I know God healed him. Two days later Mike called me in tears, overwhelmed by what was happening. He said, ” just a few minutes after we parted in the park, his shoulder begin to be healed. He was able to lift it and move it in ways he could not do before, without any pain.” He said Mark, ” right now, in front of my very eyes, these scars are disappearing. I can’t believe it. They were huge and purple but now they are going down, right before my eyes and they look months old, they are flattening out!” I know, I told you God would heal you, just because He loves you. Mark A. Kuntz

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