June 2019

Hello everyone,  How is everyone doing? We know several of you are going through some very hard challenges, but that is normal. Not fun, but normal. If you are not going through a serious challenge now, you will later, and there is great purpose in it. Count it all joy!!!   

We are still going out every week praying with people in the streets and seeing them healed and saved. We changed our focus for the time being, on an area down by the river not too far from where we live, maybe a ten to fifteen minute walk away. It’s a pretty large area right next to the river with many huts and people. We feel like Holy Spirit led and directed us in there several weeks ago. We will try to send pictures if we can.  

Some of the people who live down there said churches have come in there in the past but basically only wanted them to join their church and that some of them took pictures that made them feel like they were being used just to make the churches look good to foreign churches back home. So we have been careful not to make a show of taking pictures.  We have been going in there weekly, actually two or three times a week to get to know people and to build relationships with them, hopefully letting them know that we are only there to help them.

We started a small bible study down there awhile back. This is the same place we reported that we left 6 boxes of clothes, shoes and various items to a point person to hand everything out to the rest of the people, thinking it may be better to have one of their own hand it all out.    Last Sunday we started our very first church, an open air one, since we have no building. We really felt led to move in this direction. We brought the church to them right in the village. We brought down 20 chairs, our one big bluetooth speaker with wireless mics and set up in a small open dirt area, plugging in power from a nearby house. Our speaker also runs on battery if we need it.   

Jen Jen, our worship leader hand wrote out 3 or 4 songs and big pieces of paper and hung them on a clothesline behind us. We had 9 or ten adults and 9 or ten children attend. She led worship and then I preached a salvation message about how Holy Spirit was available to everyone to help them be overcomers in every area of life for them. That they did not have to stay in the vicious cycle of poverty, defeat, worry, fear and doubt and that Jesus is welcoming them to come to Him, all you who are heavy laden, and He promised to give you rest.   We asked if anyone wanted to make Jesus their savior and Lord or needed a healing to please come up. Most of the adults came forward for prayer.

One lady in particular needs your prayers. She has tuberculosis and is dying. We prayed for her but right now don’t know if there has been any change or not. We will visit her tomorrow afternoon to find out.    We have spent the last 3 plus years raising up our spiritual sons and daughters just for such a thing, to start their own church and to save, heal and demonstrate God’s love to the people.

Jen and Rey were introduced as their pastors and the rest of the team was introduced to them as deacons and elders. This Sunday the team will lead the church meeting and they all are very excited for this opportunity to serve the people and their needs.   We praise the Lord for His leading in beginning this mobile church. We can all learn and grow together as family in building and serving His Body there. Thank you all for your support! To God be the glory. Love Mark, Cathy and the team.

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