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Healed Hands

Neena writes about her healed hands:

I would like to share my testimony about how God healed my hands.

It seemed like my hands were always rough like sandpaper, Shawn would say, and I would pray, “God I would love to have soft hands. Restore healing of health to them,” and it was going on for quite some time; rough and cuts on them from being dry, and then before Shawn went on his trip to Wyoming he told me, “Wow your hands are soft,” and I said, “Yeah, I have noticed that.” I said, “I believe God has healed my hands.”

Then Tuesday, the 12th, my hands were getting softer and softer and I was thanking God for healing them, and He told me that He put heavenly oil on them and I said, “What? Praise the Lord!!” He said to me that, “I healed your hands with HEAVENLY oil, to restore health to your hands. Now I gave you healing oil to pray for the sick and when you do you will see people healed.” I was praising the Lord and smiling and rejoicing and I told the Lord, “That’s what I always want to have for You, Lord, is to pray for the sick and they will be healed.” I know God has a good plan for me to do and He has shown me that day the 12th of July, thank you. Even the kids said my hands feel like baby hands. JESUS

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