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God heals rejection instantly.

Words seem so inadequate to describe what happened Friday night in the healing service…. but I’ll try…

It was a make or break time period for me in life, my marriage and in myself… I had forgiven and committed to move on one more time – yet still carried deep wounds of rejection and betrayal in so many areas for so many years it affected my whole being…  if my heart was to come out of hiding God had to remove it all.
That night as Mark spoke it was as though Abba was speaking directly to my heart… He acknowledged the deep wounds and pain, all the tears I’ve cried, the intense longings of my heart, the faith and obedience I’ve stood in. He  pursued my heart and would not let me go… He beckoned me to the front to receive His touch. I knelt at the front and He instantly delivered me from a spirit of rejection as I released all the pain to Him. The tightness and pain in my chest was gone… the vibration in my body was gone… I lay there at rest but longed to be filled with life. As I stood Cathy came over and poured out His love into my soul and every fibre of my being. I was picked up, dusted off. My worth, value and beauty were affirmed and I knew what it was to be desired by God. I had risen out of the ashes without blemish. Shortly after I hugged Mark and he prophesied about my dance – it was that moment that I was filled with breath… the feeling was that of taken a deep life giving breath after being under water for too long… I have come alive!!!

It’s almost two weeks later and I am still filled with joy, peace and no doubt of my worth and beauty. Freedom has never tasted so good…

Mark, Cathy – I cannot thank you enough for those four days with you. It was such a wonderful time of healing and reconnection with my God, myself and Niel. You two are awesome and I look forward to hearing more great things from your neck of the woods and cannot wait to see you again!

Love you lots!             I just have to comment on this one. During ministry time at our conference in Phoenix, Holy Spirit had me call up people to be healed. I could feel that some had not come up yet, who needed to come up. Holy Spirit prompted me to call out, please do not miss this opportunity, God wants to heal you. This dear young woman finally came up from the very back and was crying all the way to the forward. The moment she came to the front, with many others at the altar, I rebuked the spirit of rejection. As I did she screamed out with a very loud voice, as that foul spirit of rejection left. She was instantly delivered. All glory and honor to Jesus Christ, our only Healer!

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