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I am not a preacher, however God wants to set each one us free. You may not feel anything right now, I didn’t. I didn’t know what I needed prayer for. It just felt like a heavy brick was on my shoulders and I didn’t even it was there.

As a teen I was always told that kids don’t do this…Kids don’t do that. Yes it was God who called me inot the ministry as a teen. But through those negative words layered upon layer I allowed myself to be lied to.

When Shawn ( a team member ) spoke on Sunday about the young man who yelled FREEDOM!, I became on edge. I wanted and I desired that freedom. But how? God can’t use me because of all the junk I’ve been carrying around for years. Monday night I was set free!!

How many of you cheer and shout at a game? How many of you cheer and shout for our Savior? Put aside your fear, your thoughts about “what people say”, who cares?! God wants his people free.

Satan you are put on notice, you are not welcome in this place or around God’s children. You have no authority here in Jesus name. We are bought and paid for by Jesus’ blood. Lets give him the praise he deserves. I Love You Jesus!!! Thank you for my freedom!

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