Prepare for War!

“Take in Your Hand the Sword of the Spirit and Prepare for War”

June 27, 2016


During my prayer time on June 5 2016, around 6:00 am, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“The gates of this nation are soon to be shut. The trap has been set. The devices have been prepared. A clamping down, a locking away of the freedoms of the past is at hand. This is not a time to fear, but of great faith!

Listen closely to My words and hear My plans. Enter into your prayer chambers and there I will speak. It is there I will give you direction. For many voices will seek to fool you, pollute you, and misguide you. I did not send them. They have an assignment of distraction, rooted in disbelief. They, the shepherds of Babylon, are lying to My people.

Prepare for war. Not just a battle between the world and the Cross, but a battle between My true church and the apostate lukewarm church. I call them a church, but they are not My church. For My Bride, My people, hear My voice, they know Me and I know them. Raise up your shield of faith. Take in your hand the Sword of the Spirit and prepare for war. It will be a war of Truth!”

The Father then led me to Hosea chapter 4. I want to minister this prophetic word to you, because it has great significance for the Church right now.

Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. (Hosea 4:1)

The first key for us to understand is God has a problem with the Church! He takes issue with our sin and pagan practices, both in and out of the Church. This verse says He has a controversy, a problem with us! The Hebrew word rib, which is translated as controversy, means to have a case against, a legal case or law suit. In other words, God the Father says, I’m taking you to My court for your sins! America has been subpoenaed and the Church has been indicted, sued by the Grand Jury of the universe, God’s Throne!

Why did God take Israel to court? Why is He now weighing us in the balance of righteousness? Because like Israel, we have turned our back on Him, and have foolishly followed our leaders! Here is the prophetic parallel.

3-Point Indictment from Verse 1:

No Truth:
The Hebrew word emeth, which is translated here as truth, means firmness, faithfulness, and reliability. Today’s pastors are not willing to tell the truth, because they are afraid to. No backbone, no courage, no guts, all mouth and no muscle to do the heavy lifting! They would rather offend Heaven and appease man! They are in touch with their feminine side and it shows in their preaching, in their daily lives of wanting to be pampered!

No Mercy:
The Hebrew word chesed, which is translated here as mercy, refers to not showing favor, goodness, or kindness. Many churches could be called the Me Church because it’s all about me. I don’t want to hear about abortions or those so called Christians in Syria and Iraq; they don’t belong to my domination, so why should I care? Who cares about the children and their exposure to the perversion of transgender devils, we must be kind to everyone. We have it all mixed up in the church of America. We cater to the devils of our society who have a plan to destroy us, and we show no mercy, no compassion to whom we been called to protect! We are living life upside down!

No Knowledge of God:
The choice of words used in the Hebrew really makes the point clear. The word daath, which is translated as knowledge, means to have skill or discernment. To have skill applied to understanding one must be willing to employ that “skill” into searching for truth. To say no knowledge of God meant no skill in pursuing the fullness of knowing Him. The Church doesn’t fully know God because pastors haven’t given their people the skills to learn. They haven’t shown the Church the zeal for the knowledge of God, the passion of pursuing Truth! Our pastors only teach us a New Testament Jesus without teaching us how to discover the totality of the Godhead within the Old Testament. In other words, we only know half of the truth, half of the character and half of the attributes of the Trinity. In reality we don’t know the God we say we serve and love! The name for God in this verse is Elohiym (Strong’s 430), the plural form of His name. The same word is used in Genesis 1:1. The reason for the use of this word is to reveal the totality of who He is. The prophetic application for us today is that must know Him in totality. We must know His love but His anger as well, His grace but His judgments. We must embrace Him as He is, and if we continue to allow these preachers to paint a modern picture of the Father, with the brushes of just a New Testament Jesus, we miss the fullness of God!

America’s preachers don’t want to give us the skills to learn about the Father because they don’t like who He REALLY is! That is why we are not ready for judgments, we have bought the lie that the God of the Old Testament in essence does not exist! Jesus fixed the Father, calmed the Father down, and all is well. The Church is at fault for not using the skills given to us to search the scriptures, to see if it is so. We let these snake oil salesmen get away with preaching doctrines of devils because most of us are too lazy to flip a few pages and study! We are more willing to buy fast food than a Strong’s Concordance. We don’t study to show ourselves approved! )2 Timothy 2:15)

God said to Israel as He is saying to us, I’ve got a problem with you! YOU DON’T KNOW ME! As a result, you don’t know how to act, how to live, or how to operate in My Kingdom. That is why we have pastors and Church folk acting up in the House of God. How can they respect the House, when they disrespect the owner of the House! Verse 2 proves it.

By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. (Hosea 4:2)

Because we don’t apply the Truth, Mercy, and Knowledge of God, we become a cesspool of sin! This is why our nation will burn with a fervent heat. We have completed a metamorphosis into the Babylonian Church of America, where Pastor Pagan preaches doctrines of devils to a group of dead folks! And we wonder why judgment is here in America.

Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. (Hosea 4:3)

Romans 8:22 is the parallel scripture, which explains why all the wildlife and sea life is dying off. The earthquakes, volcanoes, and flooding are easy to understand. The earth is saying, “It’s time. I’m groaning, I’m waiting for the Church to arise. I’m waiting for the Creator to redeem and restore.”

Yet the Church still wants to know how to have my best life now because we simply don’t know God!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. (Hosea 4:6)

Verse 6 tells us again we are destroyed because we are not using the skills, the passion, or the pursuit of knowing Him. This is not about memorizing Bible scriptures. This is about experiencing God in His fullness! This is not even about attending a Church; it’s about knowing the One who created you! We have as a Church rejected knowing Him, therefore He will reject knowing us! Read all of Matthew 7 not only verse 23.

For the sake of time, please read all of Hosea 4. Read about the priest taking the Sin Offering and eating it. Taking the Hallowed things of God and using them in a profane manner. This is the Church right now! Listen; there is no difference between the pew and the pulpit. Sin is sin! Nobody gets a free pass! If your church is pagan in its practice, GET OUT OF IT NOW! Separate yourselves from those who choose to reject the knowledge of God.

And there shall be, like people, like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings. (Hosea 4:8)

Four Ways to Stay Out of Babylon:

In conclusion, I want to give 4 things the Father gave me that will keep you out of the bedroom of Babylon.

  1. Be transparent with God. Simply put, repent. Just expose yourself to the Father in complete honesty. He already knows your sin, and is willing to help you through it. He is a redeemer and a restorer, but He can’t heal what you’re willing to conceal. King David is my hero in relation to transparency, please read all of Psalm 51, and know God is a good God.
  2. Get out of the Babylonian Churches! Get your family out as fast as you can. Start a house church, prayer group; anything will be better than to hang out in the den of thieves.
  3. Surround yourself with Truth. Read the Bible for yourself, study it, and live it. Fast from watching Christian television! Stop listening to the propaganda of both the church and the world.
  4. Get baptized in the Holy Spirit! This is one thing the preppers don’t have on their list! I didn’t see this on FEMA’s website, and you surely don’t hear about it most churches. We must have the blessed infilling of the Holy Spirit who leads us into ALL TRUTH! (John 16:13) He will guide us in these last days, we need Him! The Holy Spirit is not a feeling, He is a person, a part of the Trinity, and I will be as plain as I can; we don’t know Him either! If we did, our hearts would grieve with His. Our services would be full of weeping, repenting, and wrestling in the Spirit for lost humanity, no we do not know Him. Our churches and our nation’s condition are proof. Ask Jesus to baptize you today in the Holy Spirit! Matthew 3:11. We must be filled if we are going to endure the judgments that are at our door. CBN’s course on the Holy Spirit is one of many available ways to discover more about the Holy Spirit.

Keep running with Fire!

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

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