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Hello all our friends and family,

     Maayo Kaayo ang Ginoo! Jesus is very good!! There has been a lot going on since our last report. We have started an Apostolic House Fellowship where we train and equip the people to do the “work of the ministry”. We are in our 5th week and God is giving us some who are not satisfied with status quo Christianity, and very hungry for a genuine move of God. We are teaching and training why and how to develop intimacy with Christ, that every member is to be minister or a priest, we are supernatural beings created to do a supernatural work, just like Jesus did, and helping people discover, develop and use their God given gifts for His glory in the Great Commission.
  Tomorrow we begin our first training on developing an Apostolic church to at least 30 Pastors and leaders. This will be an all day teaching and training session. We have the next two Saturdays also scheduled for ongoing training.
  Last Sunday we ministered in two different churches, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the morning meeting everybody committed to pursuing God with a whole heart in intimacy as they learned what was ahead for the world and the only way to overcome what is coming is through genuine intimacy with the Lord. In the afternoon meeting we learned that God’s will is to use everyone to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and to cast out demons based on Matt. 10:1-8, Mark 16:15-18 and John 14:12 where Jesus said He would disciples, believers and even anyone. Then Jesus demonstrated on a baby who’s thumb that was severely infected, swollen, full of puss and black. Cathy asked the mother if the baby was dedicated to an idol, ( almost all children here are dedicated to idols ). She said yes and after the mother renounced the idol dedication the thumb began to instantly be healed, pain obviously leaving the baby, swelling going down rapidly, baby smiling and immediately began to eat. Mom said he had not been able to eat in two days. One visiting woman gave her heart to Jesus.
  The Monday before I was taken to a high mountain barangay, (village). The road is very rough and steep and our S.U.V sustained some minor damage. It was a two hour drive just on the dirt road, and an hour ride on the pavement to get to the dirt road. The place is largely a demonic stronghold and dedicated to idols. Witchcraft, we were told, is very powerful there. There is a Christian church there, where I spoke, who even had a clock on the wall that was the Catholic virgin Mary, (an idol). I spoke on what the bible said about idols and the Pastor removed the clock. Many were healed and set free as Holy Spirit moved upon them. We were asked to come back and hike even higher into a church near the top of the mountain that has no electricity. Lord willing, we will go back.
  In the evening we did a crusade in the middle of the barangay square. Someone was playing very loud music as we began to worship. It didn’t look like many came to listen but it was dark and we only had one little light bulb. I preached the gospel, the cross, and that Jesus was the one and only God who could help us, and who died for our sins. At least 40 (probably more), gave their hearts to Jesus and were filled with Holy Spirit. We introduced them all the local Pastor couple and asked them to go to their church to learn more about Jesus.
  Since our last report we still have been ministering every Sunday and sometimes during the week as well. We were at a house fellowship recently and 5 or 6 gave their hearts to Jesus and one man was healed of a heart condition that cause him pain. He was a fairly old man and humbly came up to give his heart to Jesus and then was healed in his heart. Amen! God continues to touch and heal where ever we go. He truly is amazing!
  We can’t wait to see what God does with His house fellowship and with the churches who are heeding the Prophets call to the world, to re-establish Eph. 2:20 in the church as well as the 5 fold, in preparation for the raising up the end-time church. Our understanding is that any church who refuses to obey God’s mandate will not be prepared for what is coming to the earth and therefore be swallowed up by the darkness because they have not prepared there people to be mature or strong enough to handle the on-slaught by the enemy. (Read Rick Joyner’s books, The Final Quest and The Call ).
  We may find it necessary to return to the States for a very short business trip soon.
                             Thank you. Love Mark and

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