Understanding God’s true judgment.

I would like to encourage everyone to please read two books by Rick Joyner. One is called “The Final Quest” and the other is “The Call”. These two books go hand in hand and are about a vision, dream Rick had several years ago about the end times, what is coming and how to prepare for it, if we are listening.

  There is much controversy in the church about grace, holiness and that dreaded word, judgment. Frankly most of the church is sleeping and has no idea what God’s judgments are all about but I want to encourage you to please seek God for yourself through His Word, prayer and the Holy Spirit and not by what I say or what anyone else says. Below is a compilation of many things that either angelic beings, men and women of God who went on to be with the Lord, or Wisdom, Jesus Himself said about “judgment” to Rick in these encounters He had. Please read on;
  1. This the most neglected truth of our day. It is not being taught in the church but is one of the most important truths. ONLY those who go through this door, (the door to the throne room of judgment or grace), can receive the greatest authority that be given to men.
 2. If we face the “harder truths” now, it will make it easier later. Many want to know My kindness but few are willing to know My severity. Romans 11:22. We “must” embrace both or we will be deceived and fall from His grace.
 3. There is “no greater folly” than to know the great salvation of God, then to go on living for yourself.
 4. The foolish virgins lived more for themselves than for God. Matt. 25:1-12 & 7:22. We did not keep our vessels filled with oil and we “wasted” our lives on earth. We all gnashed our teeth in outer darkness.
 5. Many will only make it into the lower levels of heaven. That is why there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. (They lost their reward) 1st Corinthians 3:13-15.
 6. The true love of God includes the “judgment” of God. You must know both My kindness and severity or you will fall into deception. There is a grace to know both.
 7. My throne of judgment is My throne of grace.
 8. God’s judgments set us free.
 9. When I judge, I am not seeking to condemn or to justify, but to bring forth righteousness.
10. Righteousness is “only” found in union with Me.
11. That is My righteous judgment, bringing unity to men with Me.
12. My church is clothed in shame because she does not have judges. She does not have judges because she does not know me as the Judge. (Matt. 7:22.) I will now raise up judges for My people who know My judgment. They will not decide between issues. They will make things right which means bringing them in agreement with Me. I never come to take sides. I come to “take over”.
13. When I appear I will remove all those who are “forcing” My people to take sides against others. My “justice” does not take sides. What I was doing for Israel I was also doing for their enemies, not against them.
14. It is only because you see from the earthly temporal perspective that you do not see (recognize) My justice. You must see My justice in order to walk in My authority because righteousness and justice are the foundation of My throne.
15. I am coming to use people to save their enemies.
16. To know “how” to use My knowledge wisely you must have My heart. ONLY then will you have My judgment.
17. I can only trust you with My supernatural knowledge to the degree you know My heart. When you have My heart, you will see as I see and you will do as I do.
18. Deception involves “anything” that does NOT see as I see.
19. Abide in Me alone, look to Me alone. You “must” only receive your daily bread from Jesus, not men, but directly from Jesus. Then the eyes of your heart will be opened. Don’t look at your self or others, only look to Jesus.
20. Prepare for what is to come. Jesus is coming to reveal Himself as the Righteous Judge.
21. First I must reveal My judgment to My own household. 1 Peter 4:17. I will judge My own household first. It is better for you to judge yourself. 1Cor. 11:31-32. If you judge yourself, God won’t have to judge you. Wake yourself up, repent and go the way He sends you and then you will not have to be swallowed up by the beast that makes war with the saints. Rev. 13:7.
22. God’s judgments are the first step into the heavenly realm. Ask for God’s judgments to come to the world. Seek His judgments daily and then make them known. The message of judgment “must” go forth in words, not just by example alone. Holy Spirit anoints words.
23. If we do not live by His judgments we too will know the sorrow of this world.
24. If you will “warn” the people that His judgments are near, His mercy will save many.
25. When you understand His judgments you understand His ways, but you “must” also agree with His judgments.
26.  The coming judgment is for those who call on My name but do not seek Me is; They will increasingly fall out of timing with Me. They will be at the wrong place doing the wrong things and even preaching the wrong message. They will try to reap when it is time to sow and sow when it is time to reap. Because of this they will bear no fruit.
27. In one city I will send My judgment but in the next I may send My mercy. I will send famine to one nation and abundance to another. To know what I am doing you “must” not judge by appearances but rather from the reality of My presence. (Intimacy)
28. It is good to learn My ways and My judgments through the experiences of life.
29. I will send many messengers to teach My people to live in My righteous judgment so they do not “perish” when My judgments come upon the earth.
30. You must hear My messengers and obey their words that are from Me without delay for the time is short.
31. My judgments are coming as grace to keep My own peoples hearts from giving themselves over fully to evil.
32. The throne of judgment is also the throne of grace. You can boldly go there anytime.
33. ONLY those who live by My judgments, who “abide” with Me as their Wisdom, can see My authority in others. Strive to see Me in others.
34. In the times ahead, “many” will depart from My ways because they have not learned to come to Me. 2nd Thess. 2:3, 1 Tim. 4:1, Matt. 24:10.
35. We cannot endure either the “darkness” or His glory without His grace.
36. Your love will grow cold and you will deny Me if you do not take up your cross and deny yourself daily. Mark 14:50
37. The story of Jonah is an example of the purpose of My judgments. (To bring freedom)
38. The power of the cross is enough to change anyone.
39. I do not enjoy to see man suffer but “human compassion” will not lead those who are suffering to the cross, which “alone” can relieve their suffering.
40. Human compassion is just as contrary to me as human oppression. Human compassion is used as a “substitute” for the power of My cross.I would like to encourage everyone to please read two books by Rick Joyner. One is called “The Final Quest” and the other is “The Call”. These two books go hand in hand and are about a vision, dream Rick had several years ago about the end times, what is coming and how to prepare for it, if we are listening.

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