We ministered at an Assembly of God church in Roxas, about 20 kilometers away from Dipolog this morning. We spoke about the difference between living intellectual Christianity and having a thriving, living, intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  As we began to pray for people one at a time, the most amazing thing continues to happen. This is all new for us and only started since coming to the Philippines. As we simply lay hands on the people many begin to weep and wail under the power of God’s Spirit. To some we just hug them and they wail uncontrollably and fall to the floor on their knees or fall down under the power of Holy Spirit. We think it is the Father’s love being poured out on them doing a deep internal healing in their souls and touching deeply wounded areas of their hearts.
  As we minister we also weep and wail uncontrollably. We seem to feel what they feel or the Fathers heart towards them. Nearly everyone in the place, including children ended up on the floor in a heap of tears. I don’t have any pix of the actual ministry time because we were both praying for everyone for over an hour but this is what has been happening every time we speak in any church.
  God told us he was going to use us to destroy the orphan spirit of the Filipino people and release to them the spirit of adoption. This has been truly amazing!! Really hard to describe or understand unless you see it for yourself or have experienced it. We personally have never seen anything like it before anywhere.
  Our ministry has not asked anyone for money for a very long time nor do we take up offerings here. We came to serve this people, not to have them serve us and over half of them are very poor. We have many teachers but not many fathers. God has always provided for us very generously through you and others and we wanted to thank you for every dollar sent to us. We do not feel the need to ask anyone for money and generally only go to the Lord, who richly supplies through your hearts. Please do not take this as any form of manipulation but only in sharing our hearts and heartfelt thanks to all of you who not only donate money but for all of your prayers for us and for these people here.   Love Mark and Catherine
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