Hello my friends,

    now that Sept. is over, I wanted to write to you all and attempt to bring some balance between the different camps with those who believe in the blood moons, the Shemitah, and those who don’t.
  First of all I want to say that this ministries focus is not on any particular date but rather on what the bible calls the last days or the end times. Although we have sent out videos and audios of what people have said “could happen” beginning in Sept., our hearts, as always, are to prepare the Church for what is inevitably coming, by laying down their lives and seeking a very personal, one on one intimate relationship with Christ.
  We have seen a lot of chatter among Christians in the social media who in our opinion, are not acting with accordance to the character and love of Christ towards their fellow brothers. We are seeing little tolerance toward one another who don’t share the same views about the times we are living in. We very easily throw around ideals and doctrines aimed at one another, calling people false prophets and jezebels and the like, and accusing each other of being deceived. Our focus is not to be on our pet doctrines.
  Secondly, those who are calling people false prophets and other things, accusing them of only hawking products and books, don’t seem to know the truth or the facts. I have read the books and I have listened to the various shows and speakers, and what they are being accused of from others is simply not true. Not once did I hear these men or women of God set any date, prophecy any date or say such and such would happen on any certain date. Even if their hearts are not pure before the Lord, we should be more aware of how are own hearts are.
  In fact, what I heard and read was exactly the opposite of that. What they in fact wrote or said was the these are the things that “could happen, beginning on a certain date and within a certain time frame”. They clearly said and cautioned, God does not have to follow any pattern but this is what possibly could happen, based on historical fact, or on what has already happened.
 Some of them shared dreams they had, what Jesus told them, or what angels told them. I don’t have a problem with people who don’t believe or do believe what others say, per se, as much as I have a problem with the way Christians attack one another, when they don’t see things the way they do. I have seen mocking and I told you so and that is the mild end of what is going on.
  What would Jesus do? Do you believe our Father is pleased with people who have never met their accusers, never sat across from them and looked them in the eye, or never have taken the time to personally get to know them, or asked them questions to clarify, who publicly call them false prophets and false teachers? Is there any man or women of God currently out in the national or international forefront, that someone has not called a heretic, a false prophet or a false teacher?
  We are not even saying we agree with the men and women of God we are talking about here, on every point. Truth be told, I personally do not agree with “everything” anyone says or teaches. Not even myself. I have taught and thought things in the past that after I became a little more mature and learned a little more realized how childish my thinking was. I will bet that if we each admit, it, we have all experienced that. Is anyone out there walking on water? The bible says, James 4:11-12, My brethren, do not speak evil about or accuse one another. He that maligns a brother or judges his brother is maligning and criticizing the Law and judging the Law. But if you judge the Law you are not a practicer of the Law but a censor and judge of it….but you, who are you that you presume to pass judgment on your neighbor? (or God’s servant)?
  We are either on the side of God or on the side of the accuser of the brethren, (satan). There is a proper way to bring correction to those who make mistakes and or in error and there is an improper way. Next time you sin or are in error, what would you rather have? People say to me, well, they are in the national spotlight and they are wrong and in error and they must be confronted and corrected. Perhaps, but by who? You? The ones to question and to bring correction and “restore” are those who know them best and those who know the entire situation best. The ones they have submitted themselves to are the one to help them, not the general public who slanders them on social media. How would you like to have your sins and shortcomings, failures and personal lives challenged by someone on social media that you don’t even know? How would you like to have things said about you that are accusatory on social media or in public by people you know, let alone someone you don’t even know? How would you like to be misrepresented and misquoted and to have your heart misunderstood. Oh yea, we all have already had that happen to us, haven’t we. Now imagine that on the internet or in the national spotlight. Nuff said.
                          OUR FOCUS SHOULD BE ON CHRIST!
  We are not doom and gloomers, but we are also not hyper grace folks. It is not wrong to talk about the end times and what Jesus and Paul and many others prophesied in the bible about what is coming and is already here in our day. I feel a personal responsibility to help people prepare for His coming by becoming His Bride. The bride makes herself ready. Rev. 19:7.
   Our focus is not so much on even what is ahead but on what is happening in the earth right here and right now. There are many Christians out there who are being taught that all is well and that nothing will happen to them simply because they are Christians. Tell that to the first apostles who were all martyred. Tell that to the 60 plus million Christians who were slaughtered by the Catholic church (historic fact) over the centuries. Tell that to the martyrs in various places all over the world “today” and tell that to the children in Iraq that are being beheaded by ISIS right now. Tell that to the 50 plus million babies who have been aborted in America alone who were totally innocent and tell that to God’s chosen people, the apple of His eye, the Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust.
  No, we are not spreading a gospel of fear, we are spreading a gospel of truth and preparedness. Yes, we are in perilous times in anyone’s book, who can deny that? Yes, apostasy, the great falling away and the persecution of the Church is coming, the anti-christ and the beast may already be here, and perhaps even in our life time we may have to go through the Great Tribulation, but that is not even our focus or the point.
   The point is to prepare, no matter if we are in good times or bad. Prepare your hearts by laying down your lives and following Christ with a whole heart. Matt. 10:38-39, 16:24-26. Jesus said unless we were willing we were not worthy of Him and that we were not fit for His Kingdom. No matter if your theology is pre-trib, mid-trib or post-trib, if we are prepared in our hearts, we will be fine with God, even if we are martyred for His sake.
  God’s greatest goal is for us to become like Him. Romans 8:29. He has invited each one of into this intimacy with Him and what is greater than that? What is more intimate than becoming His Bride? That is to be our number one focus, especially in this hour.
  Whether we all go through a judgment on the earth or not, we must prepare. We only have one life to live on earth, only one chance to lay it all down for Him or not. It is our choice. The reason we choose to lay it all down is because He is worth it. It is all for Him and Him alone. We are in a love relationship with Him. He laid it all down for us now we get to honor Him by laying it all down for Him.
  This new Jewish calendar year is a “year of Consecration” for us. Next year will be a year of a beginning harvest. In order to be prepared for the harvest we must prepare our hearts right now in consecration to Him. God is raising up His church in these end times and it will be amazing and glorious for sure but the greatness of walking in it will require a great surrender on our part. God cannot and will not be able to use those who are casual about their relationship with Him. I am sorry. Not even the glorious Church and the way God will use us, is to be our focus. Our focus is to be on Him and His desires for us. Our lives are not our own.
    Please learn to give up your own interests and follow Jesus Christ. No one truly knows what lies ahead and none of even knows what tomorrow will bring or when exactly Jesus is returning. Please make the right choice today! Refuse to be a foolish virgin. Matt. 16:24, Matt. 22:14, Matt. 25:12
   Love Mark and Catherine

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