In Me you will find a restful peace and habitation.

In Me You Will Find a Quiet Restful Habitation of Peace

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Your desire to serve Me has come to full fruition. There is not a lot of time left on the clock and calendar. Trust Me and follow Me. Shake off fetters of relentless guilt and remorse. Satan is holding the other end of the chains. Moreover, I have plans to use you. I have created you for me, for My distinct plans and purposes.

Soon nothing will be the same anymore. Time to spend on your shame will be gone. There will no longer be time to spend on yourselves that way.

I am sounding My trumpet from one end of heaven to another to gather together unto me, one last time, one vast army. One vast military regime that will smash the enemy’s kingdom before I come. I call you today. I need you to rise up in your most holy faith and answer Me. I am coming out of the places of the high north. Soon you will see yourself there.

Delight yourself in My commands. In Me you will find a quiet, restful habitation of peace while the earth and nations are raging.

Long service to Me has retirement wages. Satan is a bully. He picks on ones not yet strong in Me, but your years of long service are notable to him and he fears you. Rather, he fears you because of Me. Not for anything really that you have done or said, but for what you have become in Me and My power in you to adversely affect him.

This is going to be quick. I am not going to waste any precious time since there is so little of it. People all over the world act as though they have all the time in the world, like they have authority and control over the time that I have given them, but their time remains as ever in My power. Time will be taken away from them and then the towers will fall at once with a great crashing noise. I will send My angels from the four corners of the earth to gather those who have stood loyal to Me though Satan has scattered them, dismembered them, butchered them, and cast out the innocent in the streets like dogs.

My fury will not keep silent forever.

I will release you at the appointed moment and you will run. You will run like men avouched for war, like lions that turn not away. Your time for service is upon you. You are a pleasant tool in My hand. You have done much good for Me and My kingdom. Your time to shine like the sun is upon you, it is near. Expect it. My choice to use you at this time is based on the skills I have developed in you for specific use. And do not underestimate Me. I am not a tag-a-long-God, I am your Shepherd. Seek My counsel now, ask of Me. Terrible times of testing are up ahead and they are unavoidable.

Also, the time is coming now where they will shut out the very mention of My name and trample on it and you. You will not be able to gather together in My name any longer. Your own name being associated with Mine will mark you as contemptible.

Anyone who associates themselves with Me will not be tolerated. They will be hated and ignored. Soon it will become a crime to be associated with Me. Your life might be required of you doing so.

The simple pleasures you have enjoyed and taken for granted will be denied to you. Getting a loaf of bread will endanger you. Your reality will change automatically and immediately.

You will have to arrange ways to eat and shop for food. Evil will prosper for awhile, while my own people will cry out for salvation and rescue.

Proper preparing and planning will not totally rescue you. There are things coming and are now at hand that no one can possibly prepare for. It will hit with a force that will knock everyone off their feet and false foundations of readiness, but for those who have served me through every evil thing and walked out of it’s fire will be those who will stand because that is what they have learned to do all of their lives.

Many feel isolated and lonely even in the churches because they know what’s coming because I have been warning them for many years, but their cries of warning have gone largely unheeded and blocked out and mocked. Pastors raise up their voices across this land heralding only what this idolatrous people want to hear. They also have blocked out My voice. That is why they seem to be in a dead sleep.

I can tell you that I have strongly told them what I want them to say to My people, but the majority have shut out My voice because they have never known Me, but only spoke of Me Sunday after Sunday lulling everyone into a deep sleep. They have shut the doors in My face.

Now what do you have? A vast hope of Christians whose hearts they have hardened, ears they have closed, because accepting these warnings means rejection from family and church reputation.

The unsaved people of this world are hearing and believing a whole lot more than My own people of late. This failure and willful resistance to listen will result in a great falling away as My people are handed over to new captors. Them will they give heed to because they will follow anyone promising peace, safety and security in My holy name.

These have never tested the spirits to see if they (the Pastors) are of me. Oh, yes, I do have a few that have not defiled My name or forsaken Me. I know who they are. I know their names and I love them.

But the Pastors that have forsaken Me are as bad as Lucifer who led a rebellion in heaven and convinced a third of My angels to to go with him. These Pastors are no different. They have convinced vast numbers of My people to fall away from Me. The falling away will be revealed in a short time to come.

Those who have stood outside their realm of influence are those like you. I am able to speak to you. You are not alone or isolated as you imagine. I have kept you from it. I have groomed you to be independent of human permission and promotion.

It is easier and more effective and powerful to be able to use those who have conditioned themselves, who have disciplined themselves to keep strong, to have stayed quiet and low key. These like you, I have been filling with power. Your visage will depend on your absolute faith and trust in Me though everything looks black and feels flat.

That is how Satan works. He’s done it for thousands of years. Humanity equates authority and power through their flesh. Meaning, when certain of My people rise to great notable fame in My name, My people mistake them for being the sum total of My final word. This is how wide masses go into confusion because they teach for hire and care nothing about my flock. When Christians are being fed to wolves due to their lack of receiving the truth, My truth that would have caused them to escape, these Pastors are like adulterous women who wipe their mouths and say, “I have done nothing wrong!” I am going to expose them and smash down their pulpits of pride, arrogance, and lies. While they measure themselves with themselves and enjoy the finest this present world has to offer; My people are crying out to Me louder than I have ever heard before since I have created man.

I am waking the drunken man out of slumber.

Prepare yourselves. It is about to become blacker and darker, and right up until the end when My people are like those Hebrew slaves who stood upon the edge of the land and sea, and cried out for graves, then will I unmask My fury and power with great strokes and signs in the sky. I will come down and meet My enemy in the face. And you will see it.

Horrific things will take place in the land and in every nation. Your nation is not alone, but hold fast. Stand strong in Me. Do not wander away anymore. Choose this day whom you serve. I will perform My signs and wonders to the intent that the whole world will know that I AM GOD.  Keep consistent in what you are presently doing. Mind to your own work and business. Guard your own steps and wait for Me, for My counsel that stands. Wait for Me like those who wait for the sound of an alarm. Though they sleep they continue to live besides.

For a great fire will break out on this very land you call home and none shall quench it. Be ready to be called in a moment’s notice. I’ll take care of everything else. I am the Lord.

Joanie Stahl

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