Celebration in the mountains of Mindanoa

We want to share with you what Daddy has done in our last two day meeting in the deep mountains of Mindanao. We are extremely humbled and it would be very hard to actually describe what is going on in our hearts, but I will try.

  We don’t have any pix to show you because I dropped my camcorder on the concrete and broke it. My screen will not light up now so I cannot see what is on it or see the function buttons. We are taking a 10 hour ferry ride to Cebu City tomorrow night, to do a 3 day meeting there, and hopefully the authorized Sony dealer there can repair it. Please pray for our meeting. Cebu City is on another island to the north of Mindanao and is a much bigger city than Dipolog and is much more modernized, in my understanding.
  I was picked up the other day in typical Filipina fashion. A small Suzuki vehicle with God only knows how many people in the back. Seriously, I don’t know how they do it. There was at least 14 people back there, if not more. I sat up front in the passenger seat with Pastor Chari. So there was at least 16 of us in there. This vehicle is very small with a small Japanese gas engine. This thing was like the little engine that could. The shear weight in the vehicle kept us from moving very fast and you could feel every little bump in the road as the suspension was obviously more than maxed out. We could barely make it up some of the hills and had to shift into 1st gear. These little vehicles are just amazing.
  When we arrived in Osmena we had to all pile in an old military 4 wheel drive jeep for the 6 kilometer drive up the very steep, rocky, dirt road to the village. Two adults had to sit on the front of the hood because there was just not enough room in there for all of us. Really, I don’t how those guys hung on out there. The driver went pretty fast and Pastor Dalman is 62 years old, but he hung on somehow. The country side was stunningly beautiful with views into the very steep mountains on one side and the ocean way off in the distance on the other side. Everything is very green and there are huts and small villages with gardens, rice and corn fields, and exotic flowers scattered everywhere. The people grow products even on the steepest slopes, with no land going to waste. Many chickens nearly lost there lives under the wheels of the jeep but somehow managed to escape and most of the carabao, pigs and goats were a safe distance from the road. We saw several men riding their carabao pulling crude wooden plowing instruments behind them.
  We arrived into the small mountain village which was abuzz with children, laughter, smiles, hugs, dogs, food and fellowship. The small church was really quite nice with very smooth and even concrete floor. Around the front of the alter was various types of vegetables all neatly piled up as a type of thanks offering to the Lord. They were celebrating their 8th year of Pastoring there. The Pastor and his wife had 4 children of various ages with the oldest being a teenager. Such precious people!
  When we arrived there was already much worship going on with music and song to the Lord. When the meeting officially started the worship ramped up to a very exuberant state with much dancing and loudness. The Filipina’s love very loud worship music and it seems the worse the sound system is, the louder they like it, ha ha ha. It is indeed very festive! The interesting thing to me is that most of the churches here are very small but yet they love their sound systems to be cranked up to the max, to the point they are usually pretty distorted. But I tell you, the Spirit of Lord is there as the hearts are turned towards Him in fullness.
  Before the meeting officially started I had such a wonderful time playing around with the kids. I love these kids so much. They are so beautiful inside and out. Always smiling and happy and full of playfulness. Usually the boys are all the together and the girls together in a different part of the room. Sometimes they intermingle and play with one another. I brought up some breakfast bars, actually for myself, but ended up giving them all away to the children. I had just enough for all of them. These two little girls around 10 or 12 just seemed to be so enamored with me, and inched closer and closer to me and begin to ask me a lot of questions about my personal life and my wife and such. Such curious little urchins, ha ha ha! It reminded me of the Words we received about the children in the Philippines flocking to us. It really felt like that had begun to happen.
  During worship the Spirit downloaded to me a message on the Breaker, (the Messiah) anointing and how He was going to release His Spirit to do what man was not able to do on His own. Just as Peter and his crew “toiled” all night and caught nothing, but at Jesus’s word, they cast out the net once again and were not able to haul in the fish without help, and the net did not break, God was going to release a word to His tired and weary people and those who obeyed would receive this Breaker anointing for these last days. I asked the Lord for a confirming scripture and He gave me Eph. 2:8. In the amplified is says ” For it is by free grace (God’s unmerited favor) that your are saved (delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christ’s salvation) through [your faith], And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [of your own doing, it came not through your own striving] but it is a gift of God. In this same way God is releasing His Breaker anointing to the church in this hour. All of our striving has produced nothing, but by His outrageous grace we will be instructed to once again cast out our nets, but this time “at His word”. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to speak that night or not so I asked Pastor Chari if I was going to minister. He said yes and I said, oh good, God just gave me a now word! I was so excited in my spirit!!
  Everyone stood up and the power of God began to fall. We had all the Pastors come forward and as we began to release the Breaker and some of them started falling out like dominoes. Then we had them turn to everyone else and release what they had just received. The whole place erupted with crying and sobbing and with nearly everyone on the floor. Afterwards a man came forward and we asked him what he wanted Jesus to do for Him. He said he wanted his eyes healed. They hurt very bad, were gooey and blurry. We asked who here wanted to be used by God to heal the sick. Four young people raised their hands. Two who were still children. We had all four of them come up and lay hands on the man and he was instantly healed. He reported all pain was gone and that he could see perfectly.
  That night there was guitar and worship singing going on until 2A:M. There were those out back, up all night cooking for the celebration feast after the morning service. Many of us slept on the floor of the church with the light on all night. I was honored with a mattress and asked to sleep on the altar. I cannot describe to you how that made me feel. It was prophetic in a way, for me. I am always asking the Lord to kill my flesh. I felt like a sacrifice on the altar but in a very good way. Although the talking and worshipping and laughter was going on until at least 2, and I was very tired, I could not sleep. Not because of the noise. It was so surreal to me, in a very good way. I felt so comfortable and overjoyed and at such peace. I lay there and praised the Lord for what He was doing. The people seem so simple, yet so happy and just genuinely grateful to God for just having a place to lay their heads and having enough to eat.
  I think I finally fell asleep about 2:30A:M. I woke up at 4:30 to the sound of someone praying out loud in the room and saw it was a young man around 20 years old or so. By 5:15 A:M everyone was up and the room was buzzing with laughter and chatter once again. It was so beautiful to hear. Again I just lay there and praised the Lord. There was much fellowship and worship going on in various places around the room and outside until the meeting officially started around 9 A:M. We had a light breakfast of rice and a little pork and chicken and some coffee that was brewed from corn. Don’t know how that works but with the way Pastor Dalman prepared it for me it was pretty darn good.
  Just after the worship started Pastor Chari asked me if I wanted to minister again. I was like, go ahead, just try and stop me!! He told me that there were many youth here today who had not given their lives to Jesus. I asked, do you want me to preach a salvation message? He didn’t really answer me straight but just said, well, a lot of them don’t know the Lord. So I immediately began to ask Holy Spirit what He wanted to say to them. I said I would give whatever you give to me, whether or not it is a salvation message or not. I asked Daddy, what is your heart for your people today Father? In a little while I was overwhelmed with His heart for the youth. I knew what I had to do.
  After I was introduced and thanked all the ladies and men who had prepared all the meals, set the tables and cleaned up after all of us, repeatedly, I said I was going to do something a little different this morning and asked for cooperation. I asked every person in the building who was 20 or older to go outside and make way for everyone who was 19 or younger, to come into the building. I said that Father wanted to honor the youth today. No one even hesitated. Before long the whole room was full of youth and children and all of the older adults were outside. I did not even realize there was that many teenagers there. Up front sat the small children and the rest of the room was filled with teenagers. I became overwhelmed with the Father’s love again.
  The first thing I did was to challenge all the Pastors. I said the youth are bored in our churches. I asked the youth, is this true? Many resounded, YES! We have preached “too” or “AT” them long enough. It is time to activate them and teach them how to express what God has placed in them. It is time to help them discover their gifts, learn to use them in the safe place of their churches, and to send them out of the 4 walls of the church to do the works of the ministry. The next thing I did was to tearfully apologize to the youth for us, the Pastors and leaders, for not valuing and honoring them by teaching them how to develop intimacy with God. I said that, its not that the Pastors and leaders are necessarily bad people but that we just did not know how to give what we ourselves have not learned.
  I showed them about David, a youth, a teenager and how any young person full of the Spirit of God could do anything that God asked them to do, like even kill a giant with a stone. I spoke about history makers, world changers and dread champions, that God was raising up in the is hour and that included children of all ages, teenagers and young men and women. I intermingled the message with the need for salvation and surrender to God. I really did not know what to expect. Looking upon their faces some looked rather subdued, but this is the way many of the adults also look in the meetings. You really never know what is going on in their hearts and what God is doing. I tried to prepare them ahead of time, that I was going to ask them to give their hearts to Jesus and make Him not only their Savior but also their Lord. I could see on the faces of some of the adults outside that in their hearts God had them “capture” His heart about the need to help raise up the youth for this hour.
  Then I asked who wanted to give their heart to Jesus. Oh my God! No one hesitated! The whole room got up and came forward. At least 40 youth, and maybe more. I had told them that after they gave their hearts to God they also needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We led them in a prayer of surrender to Jesus, and then released the Holy Spirit to them. Again, the whole room erupted in the power and presence of God as they began to fall out under the Father’s love and grace. We then asked all the Pastor’s to please come in and pray and lay hands on the youth. It was simply over whelming and amazing to see this scene unfold before our eyes. Much weeping and everyone on the floor.
  After that Pastor Chari asked me if I would pray for the Pastors of that church. I said absolutely! Him and his wife and 4 kids came up to the altar. We asked all the youth of “that” church to come up and lay hands on their Pastors and their family. It was simply beautiful. Everyone started to weep, both the Pastors of the church, their kids and the youth praying for them. Once again I was overwhelmed by Father’s love. I fell to my knees humbled and overwhelmed. After a little while we released the fire of Holy Spirit to the Pastor and His family and they all fell out. After the Pastor got up he came to me to shake my hand and we just ended up in this love embrace just weeping in His joy. I don’t really know how to explain what was going on my heart during this whole time in the mountains, but it was life changing for me.
  We are scheduled to go back in the mountains, to a different village, for a 3 day youth meeting in one month. Please keep us in prayer. Love you all. Mark and Catherine

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