March 2019

Hello everyone from Mindanao,   Thank you all so much for praying for us and our meetings. We ask for your continued prayer support as this is no time to let our guard down and continue to occupy and keep the ground that was gained.

The meetings could not have gone any better in our humble opinion. They were everything that we had hoped for, prayed for, fasted for and longed for! Time will tell.

We, (Shane from Hot House of Truth, Pastor Jener from Incubation, and our ministry GreaterWorks) were all invited to take turns ministering 3 hours away at a 24-7 worship and prayer center on the border of the autonomous Muslim region of our island. Pastor Jener from Manila taught for 3 days before Shane and us arrived and we took turns for two days teaching on the apostolic 5 fold.

The worship was incredible and the presence of God tangible. The power of God touched many lives as they received impartations from Holy Spirit that left them, crying, laughing and overwhelmed by Papa’s love. It was definitely the most powerful, anointed meeting we have ever attended on this island as the people were so hungry for more of God. They worshipped with a whole heart and ushered and welcomed Jesus Christ and He came and it was just such a joy for all of us.   

Some of the best apostolic teaching we have ever heard was taught speaking about the apostolic reformation that is currently taking place around the world and the need for the very foundations to be re-established in His church (Eph. 2:20). Simply put, the church cannot mature without a functioning five fold in place to equip the church to do the work of the ministry. We left there so encouraged.

Yes, we also had our challenges as half of Shane’s team came down with food poisoning as well as one of our spiritual Filipino sons. I think I had 10 hours sleep in 3 nights and spent the last night there in the hospital with Shane. Our van broke down 45 minutes out of town on the way to the meetings but God provided us with a rental and we all made it to our destination albeit 4 hours later than planned.

Thank goodness we were soaked in 24-7 prayer from the rest of our team members and your prayers. We made it back to town in time to rest for a few hours before our Sunday morning revival meeting at a local church. One of Shane’s team members taught Sunday School and Shane preached a powerful message and our teams joined together laying hands on everyone in the church as Holy Spirit fell with power.

Sunday afternoon we held an outdoor outreach with a local, much beloved pastor on a dirt basketball court with worship, preaching, deliverance, the power of God being displayed in love and many snacks and juice drinks being handed out to all the families. Many were saved, delivered and filled with Holy Spirit. It was simply awesome to see God move in this way.

We had Monday to rest and showed Shane and his team around our fair city. That night Shane’s team ministered to our team here at our center. What a night! Again the power God fell on us all and it was so great to see our team being ministered to by another apostolic team. We as a team had never experienced that here before because there is no other apostolic team here. Being an apostolic team simply means moving in the gifts of the Spirit that Papa gave to His church, in His power and in His love.

On Tuesday morning we kicked off our two pastors conferences with Jener, myself and Shane taking turns ministering again. More apostolic teaching and impartation to the people happened. So much inner healing took place as we taught on how the orphan spirit manifests versus how the sons and daughters of God react to His love. Much religion and traditional mindsets were broken off and again, the worship was very powerful and anointed. We had over 65 on the first day and over 85 on the second day. May not sound like many but that was a real nice turnout here for our first breakthrough conference. Most of the pastors were touched deeply I believe. We think this was a great beginning and now we have something to build on for the future.

Many pastors came on board with supporting the apostolic move of God on our island from all of our meetings. Eyes and hearts were opened as revelatory teachings came forth in the Spirit. We believe apostolic anointing opened the heavens and helped to break through the principalities and powers of the air that keep the hearts, minds, and wills of the people in bondage to religion and tradition, that is a form of godliness that denies the power.

Shane and his team have traveled to 34 countries and they all said that none of them had ever experienced this kind of open heaven anywhere before. They usually have to fight very hard and come up against much resistance in the spirit. They were just in Haiti before coming here and had hit a brick wall in the spirit. We believe that all our collective prayers, preparations, fasting and taking this whole thing seriously contributed to this open heaven. So thank you all very much. Prayer really does make all the difference in the world. Shane and his team were very encouraged and are very excited to come back and do large crusades and build on what God already did here.

Cathy and I and our team are also very encouraged. We have been plowing very hard ground for three and one half years and to hear that this was such an open heaven for Shane’s team is just OVER THE TOP GOOD. We are seeing more and more break through, just as the Lord promised for 2019. Our team witnessed what another apostolic team looks like and it was great to all ministry together as one big team. Everyone was just so blessed, changed and transformed and we are even more hungry for God than before.

In three weeks we were invited to a district, 3 day meeting with 13 churches to speak 5 out of 7 sessions. What a great honor! Those meetings are called, Chase the Blesser! We can’t wait to preach and teach about building intimacy with Christ, dying to self, walking in the Spirit, worship, prayer, and fasting. All part of pursuing God with a whole heart! We have very high expectations of what Papa will do next and so covet your continued prayer for these meetings.

Thank you! Love Mark, Cathy and team