January 2019

Hello everyone!

What are you expecting from God in 2019? What is your vision? What is your dream? What do you see? Proverbs declares that “as a man thinks in his heart, so he is”… Will we spend another year wondering in the wilderness with no vision, plan, heavenly insight or dream, or we will pursue God with all of our heart, hearing Him impart to us His vision for us? Will we truly lay our lives down or continue on the same path we walked in 2018? Its decision time!    

Every year I expect it to be the greatest year in my life and every year I receive what I expect. I love the new year and am expecting a stellar 2019 on a personal, corporate and national level. We are expecting “transformation” on every level in His Spirit. His written Word is full of so many extraordinary promises and if we slow down to listen to His still small voice, we will hear Him personally speak His promises to us for this coming year. What are you expecting?  This last year was phenomenal! As I reflect on it, its almost unbelievable but these things really happened. There is no such thing as a small healing, miracle or salvation. We have shared with you all the many things our heavenly Papa did over this last year. We give Him all the glory. He is the Vine and we are the branches and we can do nothing without Him.   

I am still having issues trying to send pictures to you guys and apologize for that. Cathy has been sending some out to some of you. I was shown a way to send pix but am now having trouble downloading new pix from my camcorder onto my computer. So, I will just share a small part of what God has been doing here, with your support and help.   Please do not be overly humble about the role you each play in our work here in the Philippines. God needs willing vessels and it can actually be false humility to not recognize the significance of your personal roles in healing and winning souls. What you view as a small thing in the spirit is actually a very large thing. There is nothing more precious to our Father than a “soul” and for every soul won there is a crown given, by heavenly design. Yes, we accept that crown with humility and cast that crown to the feet of Jesus but God still gives the crown to those who are willing to obey Him. It is His will and His doing.  

Daddy continues to heal people on a weekly basis everywhere we go. He is healing physically, emotionally and spiritually as we simply pray for people in need. Since the beginning of August through the year 2018 our team has led 331 people to the Lord. Yes, to God be the glory! This could not happen without your support. Each soul won is also given into your heavenly account. We are asking God for the impossible, for millions of souls before His triumphant return because He said what is impossible with men is possible with God and that all things are possible to those who believe, or have vision. We believe in the great endtime healing harvest of souls.  

We are expecting to one day purchase some land and build an apostolic equipping and sending center which includes housing for widows and orphans as well as a sustainable farm. This equipping center will be used to equip and train the saints to heal the sick and win souls and a place to train pastors and the other five fold gifts, a place of rest and refuge as well. We want to equip the saints, helping them each to discover their gifts that God gave them through the Holy Spirit and to help them develop those gifts and use them for to build the Church for God’s glory.    

We want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us with your precious finances for the fulfillment of our vision. You are supporting us in various ways and every thing, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant has a major impact in His Kingdom. Thank you all for the box ministry!!! It has blessed countless people and has been used to impact lives in a real tangible way as well as open doors to pray with people leading many to be healed and saved.   

Papa is looking to equip His saints to “do the work of the ministry”. Time is short and God needs YOU in His army, specifically to win souls. This is His agenda, not mans. 2000 years ago He called for the thrusting or forcing out of the laborers into the harvest field. The harvest is all about souls and the fields were even white and ready for harvest then. Matthew 9:36-38 and 10:1 and 8. Luke 14:13-27. “Then the master said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges and urge and constrain them to yield and come in, so that my (MY) house may be filled.” No Christian is exempt from working in the fields. No, it is not just the pastors or the evangelists job to win souls, it’s all of our responsibility. He is wise, wins souls. Prov. 11:30. Jude 1:23 says in the amplified bible, strive to save other snatching them out of the fire…..   

The time is short and the endtimes is all about the great endtime harvest of souls. All the revivals we want and expect and all the power and love that God is pouring out on His Church in these last days is all leading up to us doing the “harvest”. We must snatch them out of the fire! I want to encourage each one of you to ask and seek the Lord about what your part is to be. Please put aside your preconceived ideas about yourself and your so called limitations and sincerely ask God what He would have you to personally do to win souls.

This is no time to focus on self but rather to focus on His love in us that He wants to share with the whole world. You really can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Phil. 4:13.    Thank you all for helping us to expand our vision in 2019. We are praying for you and expecting great things for each one of you. Can you see your personal need being met? Can you see your corporate need being met? Can you see your national need being met? In Him, all things are possible. We must capture His vision in our hearts and believe it until it is our reality.

Love you guys! Mark and Cathy