Oct 5 2018

What Has He Done for You?

If you’re a believer in Christ, it seems like an obvious question – and the answer is EVERYTHING! But if we take the question out of its natural context and assumed answer, look a little deeper, then the question becomes if He has done everything for me, how is that expressed in my life, in reality.

There is one place where it is expressed in full measure…worship. How do we express our love and gratitude for Father? One thing is for certain. The one who struggles to stretch his or her arms high enough, as if to climb up in Daddy’s lap, is certainly one who MUST express their love and devotion in a very tangible, physical manner.

Once at church, after worship and during the greeting time, a friend said to me “you’ve been through something haven’t you?” The question caught me a little off guard…but I said “well, yes I have.”

My friend replied “I can tell by the way you worship God…” The comment almost startled me because I had never really thought about “how” I worship God. To me, it was always the most obvious response for what I felt for Him, what He has done for me. But it never occurred to me that my expression may actually minister to another saint and show them the goodness of God.

Later as I thought about it, I had to take stock. Yes I had been through something…my mother who constantly told me how much she hated me, lies, betrayals and abandonment by former spouses, the horrific death of my first husband in a car accident, the untimely deaths of my brother and two sisters in quick succession, so much loss, grief and heartbreak – BUT GOD!!!

When I stand today and realize how He has kept me…how He has kept my mind, after all I should have lost it after I identified my husband’s body after the car accident with a semi…Father has been SO good to me. I am here, I am alive, I am well, I am filled with hope and love for others, His grace has enabled to forgive my poor mother who did the best she could but who I had the beautiful privilege of leading to the Lord 8 times (8 for her benefit, not mine!).

So much He has done for me so YES, my arms stretch so high, it is as if I can almost climb into His lap and thank Him, love Him even more for ALL that He has done for who He is and knowing one day I will see Him face to face.

Will you do the same?

In the glorious enduring Love of Christ,
Linda Lyles