A new seeking anointing. Chuck Pierce

“I Will Release a New Seeking Draw Upon Your Life”

July 19, 2016 7:17 am By 7 Comments


“This will be a time that I will release a new seeking draw upon your life. You will begin to seek Me and long for Me. You will begin to say ‘I must have intervention! I must have a breaking-in of God’s presence and His life!’

I am going to draw you, and you will seek Me in a way you haven’t sought Me! You will know Me in a way you haven’t known Me! Feel the drawing, and submit to the drawing. Watch your new level of seeking begin. I will draw you into that which you have been longing to experience.

For this is a time that I am beginning to brood and reform in a new way. For there are things that I have longed to see come into the earth realm. As My people gather and loose the sound of Heaven, I will hover and rearrange chaos. I am calling My people into a new place of alignment. My army is beginning to assemble. A new sound of joy, a new sound of laughter, and a new demonstration of power is beginning to arise. Allow My Spirit to brood over you. As I meet with you, you will see the two ends that could not meet in the last season begin to form a new line of demarcation.

Your praise and worship are rising as an occupying force in the spirit realm. There is a rout taking place in the spirit world! This will only increase. There is a displacement coming in the second heaven from the worship and praise of My people as they seek My Spirit and respond to all I am offering them.”

Chuck Pierce

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