God is re-establishing Eph. 2:20 in His Church.

Hello Everyone,

  Recently God began to speak to me about establishing an Apostolic Pastors Coalition here in the Philippines. When I first heard Him use the term “coalition”, I did not even know what it meant. I had to look it up in the dictionary. As I began to seek Him further, over months, what He intended to do unfolded as He gave me further direction.
  It has come to my attention, through others, articles, books, prayer and direct hearing from Holy Spirit, that God intends to re-establish Eph. 2:20 in His Church in 2016. This is the foundation of the Church built on the chief cornerstone, Jesus Christ Himself and the Apostles and Prophets. We are now only beginning to see the move of a great Apostolic Reformation in the earth. In fact, what God has planned for His end-time Church “cannot happen” without all the five-fold working together to truly equip the saints.
  Although we have many churches who merely “acknowledge” apostles and prophets, few understand their true purpose nor do they have the five-fold established, especially in these end-times. Consequently we have churches full of people who are not equipped and only attend bible studies and go to church, instead of actually “being the church”. What God intends for His people is nothing short of His supernatural love and power being demonstrated in the earth today. In fact, the only way we are going to overcome the deep darkness that is upon the earth right now, is through true Holy Spirit inspired love and power. With the release of great authority, it will require a new wine-skin of humility and surrender, that admits and acknowledges that we have mostly built our churches on the wisdom of man, instead of allowing God to build the church. Psalms 127:1
  What parent among does not want and desire the very best for their children. Our Father is no different. He desires that we bear abundant fruit for His Kingdom. It takes humility to realize that we have fallen short of His best for us. If we can admit we have fallen short then the natural next question is, why? Why have we fallen short of His glory. To be sure, there are many answers to that question but in my opinion it boils down to one primary answer. Lack of intimacy with God. We are all so busy doing life, church and ministry that we have little time for true intimacy with our Lord. Many of us know this to be true but still, little changes.
  Our ministry has been teaching and preaching the message of intimacy for years, which is actually the message of the cross, to daily lay down our lives for Him, even unto death if necessary. Jesus was our supreme example. Although I knew that the Fathers heart was for intimacy with His Bride, and taught it, I did not realize the depths of it to the degree I do now. It is not just His will for us, it is the very reason He died on that cross for us, to restore intimacy with Him. I am asking you to listen very carefully now. Unless we lay down our lives daily, and SEEK HIS FACE, which is dying to self, and make Him our priority, getting to know Him very closely, we simply will not survive what is coming, at worst, and at best, we will never be able to hear His voice, His instructions, His leadings, and therefore will not be able to do His will, nor build His Kingdom. We will lose our reward simply because nearly everything we are doing, and have been doing (outside of intimacy) is built on wood, hay and stubble. No, we will not lose our salvation, but we will certainly lose our reward.
  As hard and harsh as that may sound, this is sound biblical teaching. What does this have to do with Eph. 2:20: Everything! Without a complete five-fold established in His Church, we cannot be whole and walk in His fullness. It takes the foundation of the apostle and the prophet to guide His Church in these last days. In very basic terms, the prophet hears directly from God instructions for the church. They declare them and release them to the church, telling forth God’s will from heaven. The apostle takes the instructions directly from heaven to the Lord, and hears directly from God His wisdom, understanding and knowledge on “how” to follow the instructions. How to implement the instructions to the church, so we are all walking in one accord in His will.
  Without the five-fold all working together, we simply are weak and not whole. If one member suffers, we all suffer. We need each other more than ever before. So God has instructed us to build this Apostolic Pastors Coalition to re-establish His pattern for the church, to help make us whole, to build His Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven, create mature saints and to raise up apostolic churches that “know their God”. Those who know their God will do great exploits in His name. God is raising up an end-time army that is sold out to Him and will do His will just exactly as Jesus did. Jesus said He “ONLY” did and said what the Father told Him to do and say. That is where we must be today. Time to end walking in the flesh and to begin to walk much more fully in the Spirit. Time to end the spirit of “sense and reason” that pervades the minds of our leaders and members. Time to do it God’s way and not in our own understanding. Time to be humble before God and admit we really don’t know what we are doing and need Him to the fullest. Politicians are not going to be able to save us. Only Jesus!
  Please pray that more Pastors and leaders will be opened up by the heart of God to receive His vision and plan for His Church, especially now in re-establishing Eph. 2:20, the building up of His five-fold and the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry. This means every saint a minister. Every saint learning what their gifts are, developing them in the church, and then taking them outside the comfort of the four walls of the church and actually fulfilling the great commission to go out into the highways and bi-ways and compelling people to come. Not to come to church, but to come into His Kingdom and to come into His Family as a son or a daughter.
  We are inviting all Pastors everywhere in the world, to join this coalition in their hearts, and begin to teach and train their flocks to become a true apostolic church, built on intimacy, the five-fold and the foundation of heaven. We are offering training and materials for all of the leaders and Pastors here and abroad. Please contact us for prayer or if you have an questions. Love Mark and Catherine

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