Out of the ashes.

  ISAIAH 61:3 To grant consolation and joy] to those who mourn in Zion—-to give them an ornament ( a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment {expressive} of praise instead of  heavy, burdened, and failing spirit, that they may be called oaks of righteousness, [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing with God], the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.
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  In 1988 there was a record breaking drought in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming America. Yellowstone Park was discovered my John Colter and was know as “Colter’s Hell”. Yellowstone is know as one of the greatest “natural” wonders in the world. I grew up near there and have been there many times. It has stunning beauty, streams, lakes, waterfalls, wildlife, geysers, mudpots, pools and of course, who could forget, Old Faithful. For the 1st time in known history, there was no rain there. It was an exceptionally dry year. On May 24th a lightning strike caused a forest fire.
  This was no ordinary fire because this was no ordinary year. The Park was full of “deadfall”, (dead trees laying on the ground) that had accumulated for many years and it was “dryer” than ever. It has been the Parks policy to only put out fires that man had caused or was a danger to humans or endangered species of wildlife. In a “normal” year, a lightning fire would only burn a few acres and then burn itself out.
  The fire was fueled by excessively dry trees and plants and the “very large amount of deadfall”, as well as high winds. The “winds” would spread the fire as much as one mile ahead at a time by blowing embers so many fires sprouted up at the same time. The Park stood by its decision to let it burn.
  Before long due to the strength and ferocity of the fire, as well as the numerous thick columns of smoke, the general population as well as the govt. began to question the Parks policy of letting it burn. The fire has burned for over one month by now. People began to get nervous as human nature questioned and doubted the “wisdom” of letting it burn. By the time the govt. intervened and forced the Park to receive armed forces fire fighters it soon became clear that no “human intervention” would be able to extinguish the fire.
  Many thought this was the end of Yellowstone Park as we know it. They thought the Park could never survive such “severe devastation”. Was this the death of Yellowstone? All that saw it in person and on television were “horrified” by the 100 foot high flames and columns of smoke and were worried about the lives of the wildlife and the danger to long standing buildings and people. It seemed extremely foolish that the Park had just let it burn. There was much division and debate across the country about what was the right way to handle this situation.
  The thick smoke blowing ahead of the fires were a “harbinger” of what was coming. For 3 months the fire had raged on and on Black Saturday the smoke turned the sun blood red. The fire was coming to burn down Old Faithful lodge once again. The firefighters gallantly fought the fire to attempt to turn it back but many outbuildings were lost. Finally, what they called, (a chance shift in the wind), saved the lodge.
  In 3 months the fires had burned over one third of the Parks trees. Over one million trees were lost. 246 elk had perished. Countless other wildlife had died. The spending of over 20 million dollars had did little to stop the blaze. Many conceded that “human effort” had its limits and there was just much they could do to stop a fire of this magnitude. Finally, what man could not do, the fires were finally extinguished by “snow”. Winter had come, before anyone or anything could benefit from “rewards” of the flames.
  All man could do now was to mop up and count the cost. At first there was a lack of food for the wildlife and everything looked bleak and dark and burnt. Then they discovered that although indeed one third of the Park had been burned, it was spread out with many different patches of burned areas with islands of unburnt areas in-between. Only 1 to 2% of the Park had been “severely” burned. Almost immediately grasses, shoots and plants begin to sprout up from the burnt floors of the forest. But winter had already begin to set in. This would be a test for many animals and people alike.
  Much of the needed normal source of food was gone. For some this became a bonanza due to the lack of natural habitat for shelter and safety. Much of the wildlife became vulnerable to starvation and predators. The weak perished. Death came to many and one third of the elk population died. The herd had been thinned of the weak, the old and the very young. To many this was a tragedy.
  But then, there was an unexpected benefit. It became public knowledge that Lodge pole pine trees could “only” release there seeds from the pinecones in the presence of the high heat caused by forest fires. Seeds were released, as many as one million per acre. These seeds, now released to the burned out bare ground, now free from much deadfall, and landing in the nutrient rich ash laden ground began to sprout. The hard winter was over and the snow began to melt and the spring rains came to “infuse” the nutrients from the ash into the soil. Even the water in the streams began to be “filled” with this life released from “dead wood” and the aquatic life prospered as plants provided food and shelter for the insects, which in turn fed the fish and provided food for the wildlife who depended on fish.
  Sagebrush that had been destroyed was replaced by new grasses and plants which sprang up very quickly and all the wildlife prospered and benefited from this new found “abundance” of food. A greater variety of food caused a quick “rebound” to all wildlife. In “normal” years, good conditions would hinder and limit the growth of the aspen trees but after the fire, a great “regeneration” process began to take place. Up to this time the aspens were being overcome by other trees, limiting the elk population and causing more disease. So much new growth began to take place that it benefited all the wildlife for at least the next 10 years.
  Although many “believed”, this was the end of Yellowstone Park and that the policy to “let it burn” would only lead to destruction, the natural process by Mother nature proved that the fire was “sorely needed”.
Now what does all of this have to do with (me), you may ask. The world is under God’s judgment right now. The purifying fire of God has been released to His Church. Many are in confusion and either try to say no trials of fire are coming and, or they don’t understand the redemptive “purpose” of the fire. (fire=trials, tribulations, judgment). While many will debate, argue and attack, those who are seeking God’s face and receiving His heart, see the necessity and supreme benefits of the fire. Those who attempt to explain away the fire, or to resist the fire, will only suffer delusion and loss. Those who welcome and receive the purifying fire sent from the Lord, asking for it, welcoming it, and gladly embracing it, will be purified, redeemed, restored and made ready to overcome as His Bride. We must stop praying prayers devised from only human wisdom and seek God’s face for His grace, wisdom and understanding. For after the mourning and ashes, comes great joy!!!    (now please, go back and reread post)
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The Rebirth of Yellowstone: Born From Fire

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