The Longing of the Heart of the Father!

​  This is what the Father said to Nita Johnson from her book “Melchizedek the new millennium priesthood”. This is why we share the things we share. It is all for Him. We desire to walk in His “perfect will” and to raise up His Church to walk as mature sons and daughters of God. This is the longing of His heart.
  “You do not understand longing until you have experienced the longing that is in the heart of your God. Out of My intense love, I have longed for the day when I would have a generation of believers who would love Me and be willing to give up the world for the sake of gaining all of Me. I have wanted from time immemorial to have a people I could fill with My very self. I have yearned with such passion as you are now feeling in order to dwell in man and find the rest I once had in Adam. I have longed to possess man to the same degree I fill My own Son. I have yearned to find My rest in man to lift man up to Myself so that I display My glory through Him.”
  This is the cry of our hearts! This is what our Father has destined and longed for, and that is why we continually speak of becoming willing to lay down our lives. The fear of the Lord we speak of is not to be afraid of being punished but rather we are afraid of not becoming all He desires us to be because we don’t want to disappoint Him and we don’t want to fall short of doing His perfect will, for His sake and the sake of His Kingdom. The people in this world need Him and His best. We want to give Him the full reward of His suffering that He deserves.
  The reason we want to be completely transformed into His image is it is first of the longing of His heart but it is also so we can go forth and represent Him to the lost and dying world, “as He is”. Any self or flesh taints who He is and keeps us from giving the lost, the world, the sick, the needy, all of Him, which is unlimited, and limits what we give because we are only giving them mans best. He deserved more than that and that is why we push so hard to create a hunger for all of Him. Not by our might or by our power but by the Spirit of the Lord. We pray for the personal revelation of the longing of His heart to come to every believer. Amen.    Love Mark and Catherine

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