​Here is a few paragraphs from Nita Johnson’s book, ” Melchizedek, the new millennium priesthood. When I share my own thoughts and revelation, some disagree. When I share from others books, some say to me, share your own stuff. Either way, ha ha ha, can’t please them all. So I just share what hopefully will help folks get fired up with God. We truly hope what we send out is received in the spirit it is intended.
 ” The highest honor bestowed on man is that of re-entrance into the Holy of Holies in order to stand before the Presence within the veil. To look upon the unapproachable Shekinah once again and live, to experience the heart-throbbing love of God as He captures our hearts for Himself, to converse with God and hear Him speak to us, and to have open fellowship with our Creator and most glorious Father once again – this the essence of life!
  What is more healing to the soul that to hear Him say, “I am your God, and you are Mine!” It is an awesome awakening to realize that He who is sovereign, independent, and self-sustaining has a sincere and careful concern for the well being of people such a you and me. To comprehend that ….He listens to our words, sympathizes with our tears and laughs with us……Knowing Him is a privilege beyond all others. (read John 17:3).
  Until we take the time to know Him, (see Phil. 3:8-15) AMP, relinquish our rights of self-preservation, and endure self-emptying so that He can fill us, we have not experienced eternal life as Jesus presented it. Under the priestly office, we as believers are expected to heal the sick, restore the maimed, and raise the dead. Essentially, we are expected to walk in defiance of natural laws and release the supernatural wherever is needed. Yet as wonderful as that may sound, it is not the pinnacle of human life.
  The highest echelon of human existence is “knowing God” and His Son Jesus Christ. True life is knowing God. Until we live to know Him, we have not lived. Until our very lives are absorbed in His irresistible Person, until we enfolded in His magnanimous love and compelled by His own passions, we do not really know Him. As priests of the Most High, we are called to know Him first, and the​n​ to represent Him on earth. Let us learn to live for the One Who has called us….
He is willing to reveal Himself to all who will pay the lofty price of embracing the cross of self-renunciation. Remember, salvation is free but “relationship” in the deeper levels of God we must win. The cross extracts the vile from the precious and reduces us so that He might increase therein. His ultimate goal through this process is to establish total ownership of us, His loved ones. It is a divine conquest if you will, the benefits of which wholly outweigh the difficulties we may face in letting the cross annihilate the self-life.”
  I wholeheartedly agree with this. Daddy is calling us all up into the “higher life” in Him. He is “preparing” His people to walk as end-time warriors, in the army of God, as His beautiful Bride, (who will be His equal in every way). If you have ever read Tommy Hick’s vision called the Sleeping Giant, you will see that when Jesus was giving His anointing to people, as a liquid light, there was those in the church who refused it, backed away and were swallowed up by darkness. I don’t know about you, but I am not satisfied where I am at in my walk with the Lord. I want all of Him. I want to be totally dead to self. I want all the sin nature that Jesus paid to eradicate from me to be totally gone forever. I know there are those who teach this work has already been done on the cross, but that simply is not so. If it were none of us would be battling our flesh right now. Yes, He finished it and paid for it and has credited to our account (imputed) His righteousness, but we have not appropriated all that He has died to give us. I want to go all the way with Him and give Him His reward of His suffering to the fullest. Love Mark and Catherine

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