Kingdom Community

Spiritual community is formed entirely by Holy Spirit and not by man’s programs. Jesus offered 1st, to seek His Kingdom, and to learn to understand it. The gospel message was never primarily about salvation, but rather about entering into Kingdom life. Kingdom life offered work and not a program of fun. Jesus offered the opportunity to experience real life as you died to your own desires. Jesus knew if spiritual community would be built first based on the Kingdom, the needs around Him would be fully met and even resolved. Today we have done the reverse. We build the program to build the community and our programs never resolve the need but enable it to remain. Unless the Lord build the house, they who labor, labor in vain. PS. 127:1

  A true Kingdom community is not formed around same interest or a certain belief system, but it has shared lifestyle. It is formed around the Kingdom of God and the breath of God blowing through each individual, as they learn to develop intimacy with Christ. From that the dynamic of spiritual gifting meets needs and even removes the need. Kingdom relationships are built on covenant and not from obligation. All problems in the Body of Christ are due to weak relationships, based on “what can you do for me” instead of mutual respect and an honor based on Kingdom life, that is willing to lay down our own lives for the sake of His Kingdom. I will stay in relationship with you, or my home group or my church, as long as you are able to give me what I want and allow me to do what I want instead of relationships built on Kingdom life, principles, covenant and commitment to one another based on valuing one another for God in us. We tend to judge each other and our communities based on or after the order of the flesh instead of based on the Kingdom of God within each other.
  All real relationships are formed as we do Kingdom ministry together, in and out of the four walls of the church. It is the place that the true life of God is seen and felt. True community is about being in covenant to do Kingdom work, complete an assignment, and to live life out together. It has no option to abandon or relocate unless God ordains it. Without doing true ministry together there is no opportunity for spiritual growth or for people to express their gifts or for others to experience God’s love. We will only become ingrown and irrelevant to the lost and dying world. We simply have no way of expressing or experiencing a real culture of honor unless we have an outlet for what God has deposited in each one of us. In Kingdom life there is no competition or fear of failure. We all see, recognize, value, and honor each others gifts equally and allow for mistakes as we all learn and grow together. This is the culture of honor where we esteem each other higher than ourselves. True leaders are not threatened by others ministry gifts.
  In Kingdom community there is an opportunity for equality to be fostered. Institutionalized religious structures always produces after its own kind, striving and competition. In community we do not cling to our own rights, out of love, and accept one another in a spirit of mutual submission. An individuals destiny is always tied to a corporate destiny. A realized individual destiny will release the destiny of others. When we realize this, we are eager to help each other fulfill their gifts, callings and destinies, for the sake of community and God’s Kingdom. We love each other, esteem each other, and pray for one another. We don’t measure ourselves with each other, or gossip, or hold anger and resentment. We protect our community by Kingdom honor and covenant.
  Every spiritual community should have a culture of honor because it shows we value a person’s potential and makes them to be a greater person, in Christ. We create a feeling of belonging and a sense of purpose by valuing one another’s destiny and helping to develop and create it. Community has a given vision, a given mission, has been given grace from God, gives all equal participation and investment and values mutual honor, as God does. The greatest thing stopping honor is spiritual pride. True Christianity is not a religion, it is a family, a Father and His children. Apostolic community says we want relationships to release people’s spirit’s to fulfill their destinies. Programs rob people’s hearts and the dreams God has placed within them by not allowing “full” expression of the Spirit of God within them, due to fear and a simple lack of what Kingdom life is all about. Where you find control, you will find witchcraft and manipulation, that always grieves and resists the expressions of Holy Spirit, if it does not “fit” into their human understanding. Yes, we are to live a disciplined life under the control and rule of Holy Spirit, but not under where men attempt to control Holy Spirit and His full expression through His children. This stifles all real Life in the Spirit and keeps men in bondage without any hope for deliverance.
  Full authority is only produced by full sacrifice. Our spiritual authority will only and always mirror our level of surrender of our self life to God. What God is doing is bringing us into a state of being His son’s and daughters so we can re-establish His apostolic church. An apostolic community reflects, not self, but Christ. It reflects the “will” of the One who sent them and it reflects a total willingness to completely surrender to something higher than themselves or a mere institution or denomination. A Kingdom community is not “needs” driven but rather Kingdom driven. It is not program based but Presence based. If we do not share true life with Holy Spirit at home as individuals we will not be able to share true life corporately but only be a human social club with no power to change anything and be irrelevant to the world. Kingdom community is more about God and His intentions than our own needs. God is building a single corporate man with single heart, purpose and voice.
  Dead works are things we are doing that rely on our own strength, ability, talent, effort and potential. They may have a spiritual principle but have no power for lasting change. It has only the “form of godliness”. Most of the churches and people in them are caught up in a lifestyle of dead works, because we are not being taught Kingdom life, but rather institutional structured life, based in humanism and new age. True faith is not head knowledge nor does it place any trust in the very things the world trusts in. It is no wonder the lost want little to do with us. They simple cannot tell us apart from the world or themselves. What do we truly have to offer them when we ourselves have not been delivered from dead works and religion? Our faith toward God should cause us to walk in submission and obedience to God’s Word, thereby manifesting an outwardly observable life that witnesses the fact that Jesus is our Lord. Faith towards God is “absolute” trust in all of our life. It is an activation of how we conduct our life. It requires God to show up because of our actions.
  We were not saved so we could merely go to heaven. We were saved by grace so our relationship with the Father could be restored. Now that we are saved we have been invited by Jesus into His Kingdom life. We have been invited to lay down our own lives and go further and higher with Him into intimacy as Bride, as overcomers, and as a son or daughter. Our purpose and destiny in this life is to display God’s power and love to one another and to the world, and to develop intimacy with Christ, to prepare us to rule and reign with Him in His Millennial Kingdom. Will we settle for anything less? We must come to the end of ourselves. We must allow God’s love to change and transform us into Jesus’s image and likeness. Anything less is failure and will not bring Jesus the reward for His suffering. All we need to do is to be sincerely willing. Are we satisfied where we are at with God today? What are we doing with His precious grace, that cost heaven so much, and has been given to us? No condemnation saints of God but these are very perilous and sobering times. Casual and passionless structures and religious systems and people does not please the Lord. It is time to come out from under the weight of these structures and enter into His true Kingdom life.

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