A Royal Transformation

Here is a word from our friend. This fits into God’s plan for transition from the church age into the millennial age. The reason Jesus desires a Bride, a Son, an Overcomer, is for us to carry out His millennial plan to rule the earth with His Govt.,along side of Him. God is going to show the earth what happens when His govt. is in place instead of a world, anti-christ govt. that is currently in place. There is much for us to understand about why He desires a Bride and the millennial, Kingdom age where His Govt. reigns for a thousand years. We are transitioning from His anointing, His gifts, on into His Kingdom authority where instead of only Jesus demonstrating God’s love and power, His Bride, His corporate Church, submits to the Head, and demonstrates God’s love and power over all the enemy, corporately. That is in essence why we have the privilege of “making ourselves ready”. The end of the church age is at hand, where all of this begins. What we do here now, has eternal ramifications. We are not just going to die, and then go to heaven. God’s greatest desire on earth, is that we be transformed into the image of Christ.

Dave Chance received this word from the Lord on 11/29/2014
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On the order of Melchizedek I, the Lord, am bringing royalty to My
sons and daughters. Those who have a heart for My kingdom. They will know and speak with royal authority. As with any kingdom, when royalty speaks, the command they give is carried out. So it will be with you, My loved ones.
You will be given great authority to carry out My plans and purposes for My creation. Remember, My children, it is I, your Lord God, who has given you this authority. It is not earned or deserved. I choose to work through you. This has been My plan from before I created you. In order to walk and talk as royals you have to be totally submitted to Me, your Lord. I want you to walk in total love and in true humility. Nothing else will work in My kingdom. That is why I am pouring out My spirit upon you. Without Me, My loved ones, you would never succeed in your royal assignment.
Always remember who your source is, and always give Me the glory. I can handle glory, you can not. I may choose to use you in a glorious way, but always give Me the glory. I am telling you this so you can stay on the path I have chosen for you. If you start thinking, “Look what I have done”, you are on dangerous ground. Your job is to stay focused on Me for I will give you the ability to love and walk in true humility. My heart for you, My loved ones, is for you to walk in the fullness of kingdom royalty.
Yes My kingdom is coming soon, and you, My loved ones, are a part of it.
Papa God


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