Rick Joyner/ The Harvest 2.

I wanted to share a few things that Rick Joyner said in His book, The Harvest 2, because I feel it goes with what we have been learning about dying to self and becoming His sold out Bride. Some of what I will say is a direct quote from his book and some of what I will say is mixed with what is in my heart, about what he said. If anyone is interested, I highly recommend this book as it speaks much about how to prepare for the end time harvest at the end of the church age we are currently in. It is time for us to move past the “elementary” teachings in His Word and on into the perfection and maturing in Christ. Heb. 6:1-2. There is much confusion about the grace of God and the maturing and perfecting in Him. The only way to move on into true maturity in Him, is by being “willing” to die to self. Although His grace is given to us, we must cooperate with His Spirit when He beckons, and the truth is, not everyone is willing. God is doing everything He possible can to help us, to cooperate with Him, but we will not force anyone to pursue Him. With that in mind, let us see a few things that Rick shared, some from a vision he had.

  “When men are compelled to follow Jesus because He will take care of their problems, then, when their problems continue, or others arise, (and they will), they will cease to believe the message, and they should, it was a lie.” Acts 14:22. …through many hardships and tribulations we must enter the Kingdom of God.
  Commitment is important, but love is more powerful.
 Our gospel is tragically flawed if it does not accurately present “the cross”. Our discipleship is tragically flawed if we do not lead believers past the cross to a personal intimate love affair with Jesus. Commitment may only go as far as our will power, but a person in love will never quit.
   The covenant is not the marriage, but it is the foundation upon which the marriage is built upon and the one, (the covenant), that is designed to promote the love that will constitute a strong marriage. Rick was speaking about a natural marriage between a man and a woman here but I can see how this also applies to our marriage to the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. We are in a covenant marriage to Jesus, that no matter what we do or don’t do, He will never give up on us nor will He ever quit attempting to draw us to Himself. Although we have entered into a covenant that includes eternal life, we can still choose whether or not we will move past the cross, into an intimate marriage with Jesus, or stay just saved. In other words, we can have the foundation of salvation, but still not build upon it or go any further.
   A nations (individuals or corporately) health is dependent upon one thing – pleasing God – and He will provide for those who love and serve those, whom He loves and wants to serve. This statement is not about works. It is about being willing to submit our wills to God, which pleases Him. If we are willing to lay down our lives for Him, the natural result will be to lay down our lives for others, but not through our own wills. His love for others will naturally flow out from Him, through us, as we submit our wills and lives to Him. It won’t be our own strength and abilities serving others, it will be His very nature flowing through us, out to them. If we want to be healthy as individuals, as a corporate body and as a nation, we must please God, and that is only done through true faith in Him. Heb. 10:37, 4:2, 11:6. True faith surrenders without question.
   We are no longer our own, we are His bond servants. Bond-servants cannot just decide to do what they want to do, they belong to Christ. If we do not live our lives in obedience to the Lord, we will continually drift out of His will. In Rick’s vision, Jesus said, “if you trust Me, you will die for Me”. When each replied, “I will die for You” He immediately thrust His sword right through their heart. It was painful, they felt it. Those who had been stabbed were checked to see if they were really dead or not, before they were buried…..Quickly, those who were buried began to arise as lights. Psalm 116:15.
   There are those who “refused to die” but still began to bask in the glory, but it was only the glory “reflected” from those who willingly died to self. Those who rejected self death, never had the glory, “within” themselves. Only by your death to self, can you truly know Him. Only by your death can you know true life, because you know Him. Matt.16:24, Mark 8:35, Luke 9:24. One cannot truly “know Him” without 1st dying to self willingly. Our quest is to know Him.
   Jesus said (in Rick’s vision), ” Tell My people, no one with His brothers blood on his hands will be used to build My house”. 1st John 2:9-11. This makes me (Mark) wonder; Until we die to self, all of us, “may” have our brothers blood on our hands. Remember David, who was not allowed to build the temple, because he was a “man of war”. He had blood on his hands. Building God’s house has to do with those who are allowed to build His house at the end of the church age and on into the millennial age. Jesus said, I will build My house and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. I know this statement may cause controversy, but Jesus has not begun to build His house yet. His house will be perfect. Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain……God is preparing a people (remnant) to build His house. So far, the Lord has allowed man to build his house, his way, and we can all see it’s imperfections, but glory to God!!!! He will not leave us in this current condition!
   Towards the end of Rick’s vision, he realized he had not said to the Lord, “I will die for you”. After letting the Lord know he was willing, the Lord thrust His sword into Rick’s heart. Rick expected to feel much more pain. Jesus saw his confusion and said to Rick, ” THOSE WHO REQUEST DEATH DIE EASIER.” Matt. 21:44. Jesus said to Rick, This is why the death of My people is so precious to Me. Those who seek to save their lives always lose them, but those who lose their lives for My sake will find true life. Now you know true life because you know love. Only by your death could you know this. Matt. 10:39.

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