DRAW ME, part 1.

   The message of Songs of Solomon develops around a Bridegroom who is “actively seeking a Bride”, from among the Daughters of Jerusalem. As I tried to state before, the Daughters of Jerusalem could be the church, those who are saved, qualified to become His Bride, but not necessarily actively pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus. Many are called, few are chosen. Matt. 22:14. The Bridegroom is our Lord Jesus Christ. He is still seeking after and preparing a Bride, those within the Church who have a “single eye” toward Him and are actively seeking to intimately know Him. The Song of Solomon is invaluable to those who desire to have a part in the coming “Marriage Supper of the Lamb”. Rev 19:9
    The Lord greatly desires that we choose Him, above all else, that we might become a part of His corporate “Bride”, that He is yet apprehending, and with whom He desires to be fully united with. As we progressively respond to Him, He will patiently, yet determinedly, draw us step by step, into His bedroom chamber. Here in the intimacy of His presence, we become “one” as we partake with Him in intimate fellowship, and then participate with Him in the outworking of His purposes. Are we willing to “pay the price” for this pure gold, refined in fire? Discipline will be required.
  As we prayerfully compare our personal desire and goals with those of the Bride, and then, in contrast to those of the Daughters of Jerusalem, we will gain much understanding concerning our own spiritual condition and the corrections that we will be required to make. Many love the profound “words” we receive and welcome and love to hear about the power coming to the church, but few are willing to pay the price in death to self.  Walking in “our calling” without being willing to die to self and to pick up our cross daily, is the easy way to self fulfillment. The enemy tempts us to take shortcuts and to use relationships with men to gain influence to use our gifts and ministries, so we can build what we desire. We accept substitutes and walk on the least path of resistance, instead of “waiting on God” to become His dwelling place on earth. There is far more available to us than just maintaining our salvation and waiting to go to heaven. We must qualify and be chosen by Him, to become His Bride.
  All this begins with the “Expression” of the Brides heart, to become His Bride, as He desires us to be. Draw me, we will run after you….and the result is; ….the King has brought me into His chambers…Song of Solomon 1:4 This prayer of desire and the declaration of the Bride’s willingness to respond to any steps that He might take toward her, turned the heart of the Bridegroom singularly toward her, and set the stage for all that follows in the development of their relationship, as seen progressively with the Song of Solomon. Our first step is extremely important. We must sincerely ask, Draw Me! Next, she makes a firm commitment to the Bridegroom, ” We will run after you”. The 3rd part is the glorious result of her desire and consecration to Him, “The King has brought me into His chambers”.
  The essential prayer, “Draw Me”, relates to our individual spiritual hunger. Hunger is basic to all life and finds its satisfaction in many forms. Our spiritual hunger must overcome and rise above all the “natural urges of life” that are deep within us and motivate our actions in relation to “self life”. As we lift our desire for the Lord above all other desires, and determine that He and Him alone, will feed and satisfy this hunger, we as overcomers, will be ready to be brought into His chambers. We must pray to personally experience this intense spiritual hunger and desire for the Lord. Spiritual hunger cannot be created by the will of man. It is a result of a creative act of God and comes “only ” from Him. That is why the Bride called out, “Draw Me”.
  We must learn to “attract God” , at home before we can truly, be a part of the corporate church, who attracts Him together. If we have not learned to have intimacy with Him individually, we hinder the corporate, attracting of His presence. We cannot attract others to God, if we have not first learned to attract Him to ourselves. The self-centered Daughters of Jerusalem, only had a “church world view”, instead of a “Kingdom world view”. Attempting to build a church on any truth alone, without building it on the foundation of intimacy with Christ alone, is nothing more than idolatry. We must become His Bride in order to attract men to Him. If we do not, we only are attracting men to the church and not to the foundation, that He is the Truth, and our Bridegroom.
  Having said that, I must reiterate, that it is impossible for us to create hunger within ourselves through any sort of performance or dependency on self, and equally impossible to become His Bride through our own good works. Yes, we must become “disciplined”, but it is only by His grace that we can receive true spiritual discipline. God gives grace to the humble. Our part is to be humble, recognize our weakness and sincerely ask God to “Draw us”! It is by grace that we have been saved, “not of works” lest any man may boast”. If it was only by His outrageous grace that we are saved it will be only by His grace that we can become His Bride.
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