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this last summer was absolutely over the top for our ministry. We traveled to Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana and ministered the true gospel of Jesus Christ. There were so many people healed I cannot keep track of all of them. There were miracles that took place as our loving Jesus healed the whole person in so many. We are currently in Iowa awaiting our next assignment. Please check out our testimony page for some of the healings that Daddy did lately. One of my favorites came from a man in Ilinois named Larry Hallman.

Larry had the boldness to basically ask for the “full meal deal”. He had arthritis in his spine for 4 years. He had sinuitis for 9 years and both caused him significant pain daily. On September 9th 2012 as he came up for prayer, he also had the gumption to ask that his eyes be healed. He had worn glasses for 44 years and for 8 years had worn tri-focals. As he recieved ministry from two of our team members, he said that immediately he felt this heat radiate through his head behind his eyes and through his nasal passages. The heat continued to build and and to travel down his spine, through his shoulders, down his back, to his hips, down his legs, knees and feet. The heat lasted for about 5 minutes, “consuming all my pain in my body”. All his pain completely left his body. ” I took off my glasses and could see facial expressions up to 12 feet away”. ” My eyesight has continued to improve throughout this week”. ” I can read fine print and can drive without glasses”. Larry has not put on his glasses since and has no pain in his body from that day.

At Larry’s Four Square church in Illinois we taught for a week on healing. We destroyed several sacred cows and wrong mindsets about healing that were brought on through false teachings and just plane misunderstandings of the scriptures. That church was literally transformed as it learned the truth about God’s loving willingness to always heal the whole man, all the time. The only hinderance to healing is the belief that there is a hinderance to healing. God withholds no good thing from us and His love never fails.

We learned that it was our responsibility as Christians to enforce satans defeat and that to ( ask God to heal was not enough ), or even is that actually what the bible teaches. We must command infirmity to go and command the body to be healed. Sickness and demons do not go unless someone forces them to go. The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

We learned why all people are not healed all the time, even though it is God’s will to heal them all the time. People question, if it is His will, why aren’t they all healed? My answer is this, Is it not God’s will to save ( sozo ) the whole world? Although it is His will that none should perish, ( mind, body, soul, spirit ), that none should die and go to hell for all eternity, are all saved, ( sozoed )? We don’t have a problem knowing that it is not God’s will that people go to hell, even though we know they still do, by choice, right. So why do we question Daddy’s will about healing, because they are not all healed? Thats a choice too, right. Am I saying if you are not healed because you don’t want to get healed? Yes and no. Yes, if you choose not to even believe the scriptures about healing and that Jesus paid for your healing on the cross. If you don’t beleive that or don’t know or understand that, you won’t appropiate or ask for it, at least not with confidence. The answer is no, if you want to get healed, but just haven’t recieved it yet. The reasons for not recieving are many but it always have to do with ignorance of His Word, not God’s lack of will to heal you.

Please, let me explain. The right question to ask is not , why are they not all healed? The right question is , is it God’s will to heal them all? Once we realize through the study of scripture that it is always His will to heal, all the time, we will never again ask that wrong question. We will understand , just like salvation, ( sozo ) that the same way it is our Daddy’s will to save and send us all to heaven it is also His will to save and heal us in our whole man, mind, body, soul and spirit. The simple answer to why people are not healed all the time is because the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy has blocked it in some way, shape or form. We must enforce his defeat. Jesus came to destroy ALL the works of the devil and it is clear that all sickness and diseases source is satan, in one form or another.

Now that we know that we can begin to attack sickness as if it were sin, because it is sin. Its source is sin and we must not allow it or put up with it. If it is not God’s will to heal why are one third of the gifts of the Spirit faith, healing and miracles? Now we have to look at why those gifts were given to the church body, right? What does in mean in Ephesians chapter 4 to be equipped to ” do the WORKS of the ministry”? We have been given a command by Jesus to GO!!! , yet most of the church is staying in the four walls doing very little going. Jesus set an example for us, the Head of the Church , when he walked on earth. What did he do? He healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, raised the dead and cast out demons. Then he taught his disciples, ( thats us ), to do the same. Why was Holy Spirit, the promise of the Father given to us? I do not want to be a church that has a ” form of godliness but denies its power”, do you?

Of course you don’t. If you want to see revival, you must first understand that you are revival. Living the abundant life that Jesus bought for us on the cross and baptizing us in Holy Spirit means we are revival, each and every day. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you. He that is in you is greater than he that it is in the world. We must go back to Genesis to see our original purpose. It was to have dominion over the whole earth. We have been given all authority and dominion over the whole earth and that means satan and his demons are trespassers and must be kicked out. That is the gospel and that is revival. To enforce satans defeat as a lifestyle is revival.

Do you want to transform your church and your home town? Of course you do. Then obey the great commission and get outside of the four walls of the church and work the Word in obedience. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons as a lifestyle. If we are not living that, what is our purpose here? If we are not living that, what are we doing that demonstrates the gospel of true love to the world? The healing ministry is not for everyone but healing the sick , which demonstrates the gospel to the lost world is fulfilling the Great Commission, is for everyone who is a born again, Spirit filled believer. It is so easy to go and love on people in the market place. Go, compell them to come, to come where, not to church, but to come into the Kingdom of God. Go, to the highways and biways and compell them to come. Love must be demonstrated outside the insulated walls of the church to the lost and dying world.

Now if you are not doing that, please don’t feel guilty and please don’t take this message as condemnation. I do not teach or preach condemnation. The primary reason we do not Go, is because we do not really know who we are. Why don’t we know who we really are? Because we have been taught that we are still trying to be perfected in some way. We are taught that we are defective in some way and that we must work or perform in order to become more holy, more sanctified , to recieve more power, or to be more acceptable to God before He will use us. We must fast more, pray more, deny ourselves more and more so that we can become like Jesus. After all, doesn’t the Word say we must lay down our lives and pick up our cross daily? Yes is does, but if we think that we are not perfect already, we will not BE what we already are. We will act like who we think we are. This abundant life in Christ is not about doing, it is about BEING. Religion or old covenant mindsets are always attempting to keep us as servants, not as sons. If we are not already perfect and acceptable to God how are we going to get to heaven? To say we are anything less is to say the blood of Jesus wasn’t good enough and ineffective. Thats a lie. Are we not already sitting at the right hand of Jesus in heaven? We are not to judge ourselves according to the flesh, but after the Spirit. Read the book of Hebrews with a new mindset, especially using the amplified bible and other translations. Tear the Word apart word by word, line upon line and look deeply at the original greek and hebrew meanings of each word in its original context to that particular scripture. Hebrews clearly teaches that we are as holy, sanctified and perfect as we will ever be through His mighty precious blood. Furthermore Romans chapter 8 teaches us to walk not after or according to the  flesh but to walk in the Spirit and it teaches that we are already forordained, called, justified, acquitted, made righteous and glorified. So we need to choose to believe the Word, not what some preacher taught us or not what the devil accuses us of. Simply put, when we have the revelation of who we really are we will act like who we really are. So now that you know, lets chill out, relax and have some fun kicking devil behind. You ARE more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!!!!   Love you all. Mark A. Kuntz


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