Lets not just go to church, lets BE the Church!

I wanted to add some things to my last post on living the lifestyle of healing. I have so much to share and to teach on the subject of healing, I am preparing to write a book, but just cannot say it all in a single post. What we do in this ministry is not just to demonstrate healing to others, its to equip and empower others to do the works of the ministry, as a lifestyle, not just as an event. We feel very strongly that if the Body of Christ is not healing the sick as a lifestyle, that we not practicing the gospel of Christ. Healing is not a sideline of the gospel, it is the gospel. The blood of Jesus  healed the whole man, mind, body, soul and spirit. Does not eternal life begin with healing, or restoring the spirit of a man? That is the gateway to recieving the right as sons of God to appropiate or secure the rest of our healing in the mind, will, emotions, body and soul. Sickness always manifests in the body but always begins as a sickness in the soul man.

I have studied pretty much the majority of the past and present healing ministries. There is much to be gleaned from them. There is much to learn from Smith Wigglesworth , John G. Lake, William Branham, Benny Hinn, A.A. Allen, Sister Etter, Sister Aimee, Jack Coe, Hagin, Copeland and many others. What I want to say is that we have much more revelation today than many of them had all those years ago. Their revelations were awesome and we should value them and honor them but God’s revelation is not without end, it is always moving forward and always being revealed to those who seek Him with a whole heart. Our revelation should never go against their true revelations but they can be added on to what they learned. The way it was done is not necessarily the way its done now. The way or method they used is not necessaritly the way its done now. The way so and so does it even now is not necessarily the way you should do it. It is not about method, it is about the intent of the heart.

The conclusion I came up through studying all the great ones is that I needed something more, I needed more anointing and more of the baptism of Holy Spirit and more of this or more of that in order to do what they did. I needed to experience what they experienced. That conclusion was WRONG. That is what I mean by not knowing who we really are, in my last post. To further add to this false conclusion, the church taught me that I was inadequate in some way. Not that all the churches teaches us that stuff, but most in fact do. They teach us that we fall short of His glory and we will never be like Jesus until we get to heaven. That simply is unbiblical. God has given us ALL we need now to live godly, powerful, abundant lives. It is simply a matter of walking in the authority and dominion that has already been given to us through the blood of the Lamb. I don’t need more Holy Spirit. I already have all of Him.  I don’t need more power, I just need to learn to excercise my faith and walk in what I do have. We already have the Spirt without measure, we just need to excercise our authority and use it as a lifestyel. The enemy will either torment you or you will torment him.

This ministry does NOT believe that the reason people don’t get healed is their fault. We believe that people don’t get healed is because we, the Body of Christ, are not using our authority.  If we do not use our authority, the enemy will take it from you and use it against you. You will lose it. It will be taken from you by force. We do not blame people for not getting healed and we do not attempt to learn what their generational curses are or if they are in sin or unforgiveness. ( generational curses do not exist for a Spirit filled, blood bought person of God.) ( Our new bloodline is in Christ, not in the natural.) If a person could get healed themselves, they would not need somebody else to do it for them. If they had the faith that many claim they don’t have, they would not need to come to someone else for help. How can we expect someone who we claim to not have faith to be healed, if we blame them? To say a Christian does not have faith is not even biblical. If you don’t have faith, you are not a Christian cause the bible clearly says that Jesus gave you a measure of faith. The question is not a persons faith, it is how mature are they. How developed is your faith? Underdeveloped faith can be a problem, but that problem should not be blamed on a person. That would be like blaming a 4 year old for not being able to drive a car. Just like in the natural way of maturity there is a spiritual way of maturity. When we are 1st born again we are not automatically fully mature in the Lord. It takes time to grow and just like the natural we are all at different stages of growth. So we don’t blame a 4 year old for not being able to drive nor do we blame a 4 year old person in the spirit for not being mature enough to recieve a healing. It is our responsibilty to secure their healing for them.

If someone runs a red light in a car and crashes into an innocent driver, and they both end up in the emergency room, the doctor does not ask them how they got there and whos fault it is. He is not interested in that. He simply does his best to get them both healed without any judgement on his part. He doesn’t care whos fault is was or if one guy was more healthy than the other when they came in. He is ony interesetd in saving their lives the best way that he knows how. No blame is given and the doctor does not refuse to treat the driver at fault because it was his fault. He took an oath to treat the sick, regardless if they are at fault, a crook or a murderer. They all recieve the same treatment. Jesus never attempted to find out all about a persons history or past, He just healed, every single person who came to Him, regardless of their spiritual condition, social status or natural circumstances. He met each and everyone of them right where they were at.

Am I saying that peoples immaturity cannot block healing. YES!!! thats exactly what I am saying. Love never fails. To say that someone can block God from healing them is like saying Gods love is not powerful enough to overcome the supposed block. Remember, the only hinderance to healing is the belief that there is a hinderance to healing. If Jesus healed them all, so can we. We are not to question where or where not someone is at when we help them. We are to demonstrate Gods love to them in spite of where they are at. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. Why did Jesus heal Malchus’s ear? Remember him. He was a Roman soldier who came to arrest Jesus in the garden and Peter cut his ear off with a sword. God heals because He loves, period. Do you realize that the majority of the people healed were not in covenant with God? They either were not practicing Jews or they were Gentiles. Some were practicing Jews but Jesus healed them all regardless of who they were.

That brings us to our next issue. People say, well that was Jesus doing the healing. NO it wasn’t. Jesus said himself, it is not me doing the work, it is the Father within me who does the work. Besides that, Jesus emptied himself of His Godhead and did nothing as God. He did everything the same we are supposed to do it, by the Spirit of God within Him. He is the Head, and we are His Body. What ever you see Jesus doing in the gospels is exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons. Freely you have recieved, freely you give. Without prejudice. We need to learn how to heal the all the sick , all the time, like Jesus did.

Going back to thinking we need some special anoiting or more of this or that to be powerful healers in Jesus. I found out that if we will just work the Word of God in obedience, we will have the same results that Jesus had. If we choose to believe who we really are, and not believe the lies of the enemy. If we choose to act on the Word in faith, turning the logos into the rhema, and command people to be healed as a lifestyle, we will see many more healed. It is not something special that we need, for we already have Holy Spirit, ( if we asked for Him ), and we already have all the power we will ever need. We just need to use it and excercise it and develope our faith as we do the works of the ministry. Development and maturity come through excercising the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts get honed. Its not even so much that they get honed and sharp its that we get more understanding and experience in using them. Its like a hand tool. The tool doesn’t develope as we learn to use it, we develope and get more proficient at using it through experience and practice. If you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit you already have access to all the His gifts. Now its up to us to use them to set captives free and enforce satans defeat. Amen! Love Mark A. Kuntz

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