Will you help us heal the terminally ill and fulfull our destiny.

Hello everyone,

God has given us a mandate to wipe out sickness and disease from the earth, especially going after cancer and incurable disease. Its not just that we as the leaders are to do this, we are actively training others to do the works of the ministry by equipping and empowering them. We are duplicating ourselves.

Over the last 15 years God has showed us time and time again that we will have all the finances we will ever need to do what He has asked us do. He has showed us that we will be moving in unlimited power to heal and to raise the dead. He has showed us that we will be going overseas. Recently God showed us that we are to raise up teams who will lay down their lives and go live with or near  the terminally ill until they are healed, free of charge.

We have only had our ministry for less than two years and are almost virtually unknown, but we have huge vision and we need your help. I have hesitated to form partnerships because I believe its time for the Body of Christ to recieve the wealth of the wicked transfer. It is time for the stranglehold over our finances to come down in the Body of Christ. I don’t like to ask people for money but we have a mandate to fulfill and I feel its time to humble myself and ask for partners to join us in our vision. Will you pray about supporting us and helping us to heal the sick all over the world, send us overseas, train the Body to heal the sick, train teams to go to the terminally ill, and train the Body to walk in divine health and minister it to others outside the four walls of the church? We are in full time ministry and this is all that we do. We have literally lived on $1000.00 dollars a month in personal income for several years. God has graciously provided for us and we lack nothing but in order for us to grow our ministry and do what God has asked us to do we need your help. We have not because we ask not. ┬áThank you for your consideration and please let others know about us. Love Mark and Cathy Kuntz and Greater Works Healing Ministry

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