Whats new for GREATER WORKS?

We are so very excited to see what Daddy is doing these days all around the world. We are truly living in the most awesome time ever. While many are living in fear, even in the Body of Christ, God is doing more than ever across the face of the planet. More people are coming to the Lord than ever and more people are being healed and set free, and raised from the dead then ever.

We have been traveling on the road since the last week of May. We have logged in over 9000 miles since then. We have ministered in Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho,
Washington, Iowa and now Illinois.

Everywhere we go God continues to heal the object of His love, people. It doesn’t matter where these people are at with God, His love overcomes all obstacles and heals them. Love never fails. We are helping teams in two states take their cities for God. We are showing them how easy it is to love on people, if we would just be willing to obey the great commission and GO! As we submit to Holy Spirit and go, compelling them to come, not into only a church, but into the Kingdom of Heaven, people lives are touched forever right in the market place. You never know if you are planting a seed, watering a seed, or harvesting a seed. We are teaching people to make themselves available to Holy Spirit as a lifestyle, not as an event.

If you want to learn how to take your city for Jesus, please contact us anytime. Love Mark and Cathy

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