The Spirit of Revival

The spirit of Revival has been released across the globe. On July 23rd 2010 Revival broke out in Mobile Alabama as a woman who was paralyzed for 22 years began to walk. We had the privilege of attending this revival for nearly two months. We saw multiple healings and miracles. We watched as Lady Delia Knox walked and praised God on the platform for her miracle.

Dutch Sheets was speaking one night and declared this Revival a genuine awakening. 10 years before this Revival broke out someone asked  Pastor Yonggi Cho where the last great Revival would break out. He reportedly turned to a globe of the earth and pointed to Mobile Bay, ( named Bay of Holy Spirit by the Spaniards ), and said it would begin here. It indeed has begun.

While attending the conference I had a vision of tsunami wave of the blood of Jesus rolling across the land. Satan was standing there holding a toothpick up, trying to hold back the waves. He of course he  could not. I also saw Revival breaking out in Wyoming. I saw a huge cross at the eastern side of the state overshadowing the entire state, from east to west, with the four corners of the cross touching the four borders of the state. Suddenly the cross spontaneously combusted and smoke poured from the cross. From the east came the wind of His Spirit and it blew the smoke of His presence across the entire state.

I believe that the Spirit of Revival has been released in the earth and that God is looking for someone who actually believes that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world to rise up and begin to act like it. Every since we left Alabama last December God has had us traveling all over the Northwest releasing Revival where ever we go.  Go God!!!!

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