Revival in Laramie Wyoming

Last night in Laramie Wyoming God showed up in a very powerful way at Laramie Christain Center. His presence was overwhelming and very heavy. He gave a word to those in attendance that He had given Laramie to them, but asked, “will you take it”?

It reminded me of when God took Israel into the promised land. One of the first cities they had to conquer was Jericho. Jericho was a military fortified city and even though God had already said to them, I have given you the city, they still had to do their part and go in and take it.

His holy fire fell in upon nearly all who were at the meeting last night and it was both exciting and very sobering. God also said that He was going to shake up the University of Wyoming, the college here in town. In response to His word about taking Laramie, we are going to lead and outreach into the city this afternoon, going out and fulfilling the great commission, to love on the people. Please pray for us and the city of Laramie.

While attending the Bay of Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile Alabama last year the Lord gave me a vision. In this Vision I saw a giant cross at the east border of Wyoming who’s shadow touched the 4 borders of Wyoming. Suddenly the cross burst into flames and the wind of the Spirit blew in from the east and blew God’s holy presence, ( the smoke ), all over Wyoming. Revival has indeed come to Wyoming. God is looking for a few who will use their faith to pull it down and walk in it. Will you be one of them?

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