Miracles Break Out in Laramie

Last night was over the top at the Laramie Christain Center. Once again Daddy showed up in a big way and proved His love. The night before Daddy said He had given Laramie to the body of Christ and asked, ” will you take it”?

Last night He reiterated, ” will you take it”?, I really have released Revival to this city, but you must go in and take it! Holy Spirit came in a very precious way and touched many who were in attendance. Many were healed and one young man went through a major deliverance, who stated, ” I felt this huge root come out of my back”!

A woman who had been battling fibromyalgia for over 20 years was healed. She was in much pain, and after standing in the presence of God for 15 or so minutes, was completely healed and walked away with no pain. Another young woman who had a back fracture was completely healed and begin to cry. When asked what was going on she stated ” I can’t make it hurt”! Then another young woman who was standing in His presence, who stated earlier, ” I feel my muscles strengthening”, suddenly said, yes, ” I can’t make it hurt either”. Her spine was seriously out of position and she was seeing a chiropractor.

We will be posting some actual testimonies soon, written just as the person who wrote them out did, word for word.

Glory to God!!! His holy fire came and touched people as they sat in their seats.


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