Becoming Addicted to Jesus

Step 1
Recognize where you are truly at in your relationship with God. Be honest and judge yourself rightfully. Be humble and true. Search my heart oh God! God gives grace to the humble. Tell Daddy where you think you are at and ask for His grace. Come boldly to His throne room of grace.

Step 2
Ask God to give you His hunger and thirst for Him. You cannot create your own. Spiritual hunger is a gift given by His grace. We need to ask for it regularly.

Step 3
Give God permission to kill your flesh. He won’t begin to take you through the process of death to self unless you sincerely ask Him to do it. Tell Him you want to obey Him and truly lay your life down unto death but that you know you can’t do it without Him, His spirit and His grace.

Step 4
Count the cost. Be sincere. This is a huge commitment and although we will be relying on Papa and His grace we still need to do our part. Our part is to be willing and determined not to give up once we get started.

Step 5
Draw us oh Lord! Ask Him very often to draw you to Himself. Tell Him sincerely that if He will draw you into His bosom you WILL run after Him.

Step 6
Learn to wait daily on Him. Commune with Him. Make it personal. Eat His flesh, drink His blood. Consume His Word. One way I did this was to set up empty chairs at my kitchen table and imagine that Jesus is in one chair, Papa is in another and Holy Spirit is hovering between them. This personally helps me to focus on them as I wait and commune with them.

Step 7
Worship Him in spirit and in truth. Make it real. Make it honest. Worship must come from our hearts. True worship is honest worship.

Step 8
Ask Holy Spirit to help you to remove all focus of self. We must learn to stop focusing on ourselves, our pasts and our weaknesses. This only keeps us in bondage. Cast all that on Jesus and instead of focusing on the problems make Him and His greatness your focus. Behold Him! You become what you focus on.

Step 9
Trust in the process. Trust in Holy Spirit and His Word that promises He is there constantly to help you. This is not a program, it is a relationship. It will take time. Have faith and patience. Faith in Him and patience in knowing He “is” doing the work in you as He promised. This is not a McDonald’s, microwave process. Don’t focus on yourself.

Step 10
Give up all control. Be obedient. By faith each day give up all your control to make your own decisions. Give up your pre-conceived ideas about what intimacy looks like. Obey by faith. Trust by faith. Faith is not some deep unattainable mystery. It’s a choice we make to believe in Him.

Step 11
Be yourself. Don’t try to be like anyone else. This is not a method or a formula. Talk to God as yourself. Share the real you with Him. Allow Him to see YOU, not the fake you that you think He will only accept. Talk to Him from your heart just like you would talk to any other real person. Don’t try to be so spiritual. Keep it simple.

Step 12
Sanctify your minds and hearts each morning, by faith. Covering them with the blood of the Lamb and by declaring that only the voice of Your Master Jesus will you hear. No other voice will you follow.