Word of the Lord, Helena Montana August 13th 2011

Word of the Lord, Helena Montana  August 13th 2011

This Word came through a trusted friend as Holy Spirit fell on him. Right before he begin to cry out, the worship CD we were listening to suddenly stopped in the middle of the song, all by itself. The CD player stopped playing the CD.

He began to cry out about how broken Daddy’s heart is about our (the church’s) inability to move out:

My heart is broken… broken… broken; prepare yourself. Here comes the wave, go out and ride the wave… you have to ride the wave… you will go out in the streets and see people come out of wheelchairs… you will see people come out of coffins… you will see people come out mortuaries… you will see people come out of dead churches…you haven’t seen anything yet… They will blow up with My glory, My presence… you will no longer see them or look at them as individuals… Your heart will break for the lost and dying… you will see them like I see them, you will move with compassion, all you have to do is to go, do not stay in one place, go!

Catch it, catch it, catch it, catch the wave. Ride it, but do not try to ride it on your own or you will be in trouble. He is showing us how… Tsunami… pure clean water… It is taking out structures, wiping them out, it cannot be stopped. Helena, you better watch out, something special… Jesus smiles over Helena… The ones you thought were hard and would not budge, they will be shaken first… I see a baby jumping in the womb. This baby will never be the same, the momma will never be the same. They will be a sign to the town and the church. If you are not ready when it is born, well, you better get ready. That’s all I got to say.

No man or being will stop this move of God… take your eyes off of what you see around you… we win. No more, no more, no more playing games! You gotta do it. This is coming to an end, you gotta go, go, go! No more games. If you have a husband or any family members who are not saved, you better come forward and stomp on the devil’s head. This is not a word that will fall idly by the wayside; I will perform it, I will perform it.


– Mark Kuntz

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4 Responses to Word of the Lord, Helena Montana August 13th 2011

  1. Barbara Jenkins says:

    Awesome, Mark and Kathy–great and mighty word and I took notice. Let the fire of God Reign in your bellys and may your life be abundantly filled. Miss ya both,

    and remember too,

    I love you guys,

    Barbara Jenkins

  2. Mich says:

    Thank you for sharing this powerful Word from the heart of the Father…The Word and the anointing on this video just hit me when I watched it and the fire of God fell on me .. Just had a dream recently of a huge Tsunami coming in over the sea.. Make us ready Lord , willing and able to carry what You have called us to do !

  3. Mark Kuntz says:

    If anyone wants to learn how to do market place ministry, please contact us. We love to come and take people into the streets and show them how easy it is to Go! and fulfill the great commission and love on people. We have seen many healed and saved in the streets of America. It takes no special person or special anointing to touch peoples lives. Holy Spirit lives inside of you and when you are willing to go, the Kingdom of heaven comes out of you and touches people lives.

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