Explanation of prayers at grave sites.

I wanted to explain why we pray at various grave sites. I don’t expect everyone to understand but I know a lot of people think this is crazy stuff. In 2nd Kings 13:20-21, when a dead man was placed hastily in Elisha’s grave, he came back to life. This was do to the anointing still in Elisha’s bones. My personal experience has been when I visit A.A. Allen’s and John G. Lake’s grave site is that at times, I feel a heavy anointing. When we pray, we are not praying to the dead men, we are praying to God, asking for a similar healing anointing that those men had. With that, I must add, if you are a Christian, you already have what these men had. Now walk in it.We do not believe in worshipping live people, let alone dead people. We merely are extremely hungry for more of God and His Holy Spirit, so that we can effectively minister His grace to the world. For more comments on this please visit our blog.

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