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Testimony of Knee Healing

From Pastor Kevin Lindley:

Wednesday night Sept. 21 at the healing rooms’ annual conference, Bill Johnson said “I feel like the Lord wants to address those of you who have prayed through for healing for others and never get the breakthrough for your own healing, stand up!” So I stood up for my healing over my knee that has been prayed for many times and never healed. I have prayed for many knees and seen amazing healings but still no breakthrough for my own knee.

31 years ago I damaged my anterior cruciate ligament in a football injury. Later that winter (1980) the knee was completely torn up skiing. The meniscus was damaged badly and the anterior cruciate ligament was shredded and had to be removed. A tendon was threaded through the knee as a replacement to the ACL and the Meniscus repaired. In 2001 the bone spurs had become so bad the walking was very difficult and this was hindering my ability to coach football and track. The doctors x-ray revealed the knee was bone on bone as the meniscus had mostly dissolved and the tendon that replaced the ACL has complete dissolved. The Doctor ground off the bone spurs in an othroscope surgery and advised me to exercise and be active on it and when it gives out we will explore a knee replacement surgery.

Bill had leaders stand up who had not received their healing and ask people around the leaders standing with their hands in the air to pull their hands down and pray for them. A gal named Linda from the transformation school in Spokane prayed for me and the pain seemed to go away. I knew a good test would be to walk down stairs if the pain was truly gone. So we when to the stairs at the conference center and the pain I had experience before descending stairs was gone, but, the grinding and crunching sound was still prominent. BUT NO PAIN, THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Thursday night Sept 22nd Bill once again went after healing and said that people had missing ligaments or cartledge in joints and God wanted to heal them “stand up and come out in the aisles and raise your hands and someone will come to pray with you.” Mark, an Itinerate Healing Rooms director from Tacoma, Washington dropped on his knees and grabbed a hold of my knee. It popped three times and I could fill new material coming into the knee with warmth after that all the grinding and crunching sounds stopped. I began to do deep knee bends and there was no pain (healed the day before) and no crunching or grinding. It’s time to go skiing!

Pastor Kevin Lindley
Life Church of the Magic Valley

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