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Knot in stomach muscles and cramping, gone!

After my C-section two years ago I had a knot in the upper part of my stomach muscles. It prevented me from doing sit ups and would cause cramping on the whole left side of my stomach. After being asked to ask God for things in our bodies to be healed, I asked God to touch and heal my stomach muscles. As I received prayer Holy Spirit came on my left side and I started to cramp up. My parents came over and started  for the pain to leave. AS they prayed it gradually got less and less till there was a spot about the size of an orange above my left hip. Then Mark came back over and spoke to me that sometimes when healing is taking place, it can be painful and that God was removing pain from me. Mark then pulled the pain out  of my body prophetically and the spot was instantly healed, without any pain left. The next day we took trip to the mountains and I looked down at my stomach, the knot was gone! God healed my stomach muscles and I have had no cramping in them since. Thank you Jesus! R. Schaff

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