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Jesus Healed My Back!

During a meeting in Roundup, Montana, Barbara experienced a miraculous healing. Here’s what she has to say about it:

I have had severe low back pain for most of my life. I have had many, many prayers for it, and I knew [that] God had heard my prayers and that I am healed — I just kept looking for the manifestation of that healing.

When I went to Mark and Cathy’s Healing teaching, I was in a great deal of pain. As I sat there when worship started I didn’t think I would be able to “enter in” [because of] the pain. Finally, I decided I would worship God and help to break through the barriers that seemed to keep people stuck in their seats, and I got up and began to pray in the Spirit and worship. I kept praying for “break through” and after a long time, began to get a sense that, indeed, we had begun to break through.

As Mark led us in a prayer toward the end of his teaching, I was sitting down, and as he prayed for healing for us I began to feel great heat in my lower back area. I kept my hand on my back and it became very, very hot, so much so that I took my jacket off. Mark said for us to see the “present” Jesus was offering to us and I just leaned in to it and accepted the gift. As the heat continued, the Lord gave me a picture of a time when I was a very little girl — perhaps about 5 — and I had fallen off my Grannie’s porch onto a bucket she had buried in the ground. It was a very serious head injury where I lost consciousness and they rushed me to the hospital. He showed me that when I had landed on my head that the two lowest vertebrae had jammed together and that that was the source of the pain I would experience up until the present.

Throughout my childhood and into adulthood, I was hard on my back and did not take care of myself in a good way. I had been in a very violent marriage where I was “tossed around a lot,” and had since done much forgiving and cleaning-up of my past, but I just always was left with the idea that there was something I was missing. Jesus revealed to me the completed picture and I was healed. I am walking like a new woman today, and am in awe of His healing love. Thank you so much, Mark and Cathy, for your dedication, love, and faith.

Barbara Jenkins
Roundup, MT

7 Responses to Jesus Healed My Back!

  1. misty shelton says:

    Please help me pray for my back. I had a lumbar spinal fusion from two car accidents and I desperately need to be healed. The pain was better for a few months but now it is getting worse again. Jesus, I believe in you and I praise your holy name. I believe dear lord that you will heal me completely.

  2. Paul says:

    Hey their, I wanted let you know that God wants to heal you. It is his will for your back to be healed. Also that sometimes we think we got to beg for the healing but its so simple 🙂 Ask God to heal you now and believe you is healing you. Speak the words, like, if you say, “back pain, leave in Jesus name” believe God is healing you right than and keep commanding things like “spine be resotred in Jesus name” believe and keep commandming these things. Not a formula but faith. even if you have faith as a mustart seed. you can say to this mulberry tree, be uprooted by your roots and be thrown to the sea and it will obey you! (a bible verse) you don’t need faith soo big but just small enough. Keep believing the manifestations are their and try not to doubt, if you do, jump back to believing you are getting healed. Command it. That’s what I started doing to my right hand and it got so much better. PEACE 🙂

  3. Mark Kuntz says:

    Very often, after we are healed or begin to receive our healing, a symptom will attempt to come on us, or back on us. In the first place, we should never place our faith in our condition after prayer. Our faith must always be founded on His Word, ” by His stripes you ARE healed. ( emphasis mine ).
    Satan uses symptoms the same way he uses thoughts. Until the thought or symptom is received in the heart, it is powerless. It is only when we believe and receive the symptom or thought in our hearts, allowing it to go from our mind or our bodies into our heart, that it has any power. That is why we are admonished to ” guard our hearts with all due diligence. Rebuke the symptom, believe your prayer has been answered according to Mark 11:23-24, ( you receive when you believe), and walk in your healing.

  4. Lucas says:

    I would like to a relief for my back pain plz pray for me

  5. Gracie says:

    I would so greatly appreciate any prayers for my back and leg. I have been dealing with ongoing pain for over 4 years now. I was found to have a ruptured disc on the left side and had a microdiscectomy almost three years ago. About a year and a half ago, all the pain started on the right side. I have had no success in finding the pain generator. I work full time, love to be active, and have 2 little kids. It feels like this chronic pain is stealing my ability to enjoy my life. Constant doctor and PT appointments are exhausting to try to juggle with a demanding full time job. I worry because I do not know what is wrong. Please pray for me.

  6. JAYANT KUMAR says:

    please pray for my lower back pain.

  7. I see myself sitting with Jesus’s mother, Mary at the bottom of the cross. I can’t see Jesus’s face because it is covered with blood, hair and part of one of the thorns is sticking through his eyebrow. I feel helpless. I can’t help HIM. What do I do?? Wait HE is saying something – what is HE saying? HE is whispering through the blood on HIS lips. HIS eyes are looking at me…I am whispering I LOVE YOU. He is trying to move HIS fingers but the skin rips around the veins that are falling from HIS wrist. Again, HIS lips spits blood but I can hear a whisper……Agony is in HIS face…..I don’t want HIM to suffer…..The sky begins to turn black and HIS voice came through to me (I LOVE YOU AND I DO THIS SO YOU NEVER HAVE TO HAVE A BACKACHE AGAIN) (MY BLOOD COVERS ALL SIN AND SICKNESS) so (I WANT YOU TO STAND UP AND WALK IN MY NAME BECAUSE MY FATHER HAS THIS PLAN FOR ALL THAT WILL ACCEPT IT) (DIDN’T YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME? AND DIDN’T YOU SAY YOU WANTED TO FOLLOW ME) (_ _ _ _ _ FOLLOW ME IN MY WORDS, MY ACTIONS AND DON’T THINK YOU CAN NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR ME AGAIN). (BEING HEALED IS WHAT I AM DYING FOR). The darkness is covering all around me. I slowly stood up and I heard myself say (I LOVE YOU JESUS AND I AM HEALED BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME). As the darkness turned into light I saw HIS finger that HE had pointed at me fall against the cross and I knew IT WAS FINISHED – I was HEALED.

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