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More of God’s animals healed by His love!

  Here is a testimony of God healing one of His beloved animals. How many out there have testimonies of animals being healed? We would love to hear from you. We once had someone bring a dog through our healing line in a meeting at a church. She brought her dog back the next night and testified that she had taken it to the vet that day and the vet said the dog was fine.
  One morning as I was getting ready to go to work and was running late, I noticed our cat had a broken leg. It was clearly broken and bent in that ugly half L shape. I didn’t have much time so I said a simple prayer for her and left for work, thinking my wife would take her to the vet. When I came home I asked my wife if she had seen (Nordy), our cat. She said she had. I asked her what she saw? She said, what do you mean? I told her about her leg and my wife Cathy said her leg was fine. When Nordy came in from outside she was perfect, no broken leg. Praise the Lord!
  Another time my wolf malamute hybrid, contracted parvo from a friends dog who had died from it. She became totally emaciated and near death. Our vet kept begging us to let him put her down and we said no each time. Each day she grew worse and her bones were sticking out. Each day Cathy would go to the vets and hold her by the head and declare over her, “you will live and die!) Each day the vet would beg us to let him put her down and each day we refused. The vet kept telling us there was no way our pup was going to live and that we needed to let her go. Finally the vet called us one morning and told us to come and get our dog as she was up and running around. They could not explain it! All the way home she sat in the back seat and poked her head up between us in the front seat and made a continual noise like she was trying to tell us something. She was extremely excited! Within a week she was totally back to normal.
  All true stories of our Daddy’s love for the animals He created.
   Love Mark and Catherine

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