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God is on the move! Many miracles and healings taking place across the land!

We are seeing our Lord and Healer perform many miracles and healings across the United States as we travel and minister. His grace truly is outrageous! Ove the last 10 weeks we have been to Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Iowa and now Illinois. Everywhere we go God is healing people physically and emotionally, tranforming lives and demonstrating His love. His healing power is a gift, not a reward for good behaviour.

Just a few miracles and healings that have taken place recently. A woman who was totally deaf in one ear reported that she revovered 60 to 70% hearing while we were sharing communion together.

A man who’s neck was broken years ago, requiring a plate in his neck to hold it together, with limited range of motion, reports that after recieving prayer, his neck now could move in every direction with no hinderance what soever.

A mans foot was broken a few years ago and it healed wrong. The doctors wanted to do surgery again to correct it and he was in pain most of the time and limped as he walked. After recieving prayer he was totally healed and all his pain is gone.

A pastor who had arthritis throughout his body, and had one leg shorter than the other reported that after recieving prayer, that his pain was all gone, he could now clench his fists tight, and that his leg grew to match the length of his other leg as witnesses watched.

There are many many other healings that have taken place. Shoulders, elbows,  ankles , lungs, various diseases and various pains of all kinds, all healed by the simple power of Jesus’s love for mankind.

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