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Bone spurs and cysts gone!

6 yrs ago I was diagnosed with bone spurs in my knees and baker cysts on the fronts and backs of the knee. This is basically water on the knee. They had tried steriods and cortizone injections but the pain just got worse when the shots wore off. I had fallen several times because the knee would lock up if the spurs caught just right. Going up stairs was almost unbearable. My elbows and shoulders were very tender from falling down the stairs. Last night my knees would pop very loudly whenever I stood up or started walking.   After being prayed for the first time the pain was completely gone in the right knee and elbows. After a second attempt the left knee was totally pain and pop free too. Praise the Lord! The neck and shoulder moved back into alignment and felt better than any chiropractic adjustment, ever. My left knee has a quarter size dimple/hole on the front where the cyst was. I’m pain free and stairs are a breeze now. Went up and down 8 times with no pain. The words of encouragement and prophecy were very encouraging and were confirmation to many hours of prayer.

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