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More of God’s animals healed by His love!

  Here is a testimony of God healing one of His beloved animals. How many out there have testimonies of animals being healed? We would love to hear from you. We once had someone bring a dog through our healing … Continue reading

Little doggy gets healed of open infectious wound.

Here is the Bentley story. He had a wound on his neck that had become infected with Staff. The Emergency Vet gave him an antibiotic shot and salve last Sunday and another vet checked it on Wednesday. Cathy saw the … Continue reading

Bone spurs and cysts gone!

6 yrs ago I was diagnosed with bone spurs in my knees and baker cysts on the fronts and backs of the knee. This is basically water on the knee. They had tried steriods and cortizone injections but the pain … Continue reading


I am not a preacher, however God wants to set each one us free. You may not feel anything right now, I didn’t. I didn’t know what I needed prayer for. It just felt like a heavy brick was on … Continue reading

Larry H. healed from 4 yrs of arthritis is the spine, 9 yrs of sinuitus and 44 years of wearing glasses.

On October 9th, 2012 I went forward and asked to be healed. My spine had arthritis on the tips of the vertebre for three or four years giving me pain every day in normal movement. My shoulders, hips, knees and … Continue reading

Shoulder healed and scars begin to disappear.

A few weeks ago I was in a park in Tacoma Washington with one of our team members. I was just showing him around becauae he had never been there before. We were on a trail when we ran into … Continue reading

God is on the move! Many miracles and healings taking place across the land!

We are seeing our Lord and Healer perform many miracles and healings across the United States as we travel and minister. His grace truly is outrageous! Ove the last 10 weeks we have been to Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Iowa … Continue reading

Swelled Stomach and Hard Spot Gone!

Thank you so much for your servant heart…this morning the swelling is totally gone as is the hardness, the belly button is back to its original size.  My weight this a.m. was less than it has been for a very … Continue reading

Anxiousness led to sickness, God instantly heals.

At the beginning of our conversation I expressed that I was feeling miserable.  I was sick with bronchitis, having the chills and a fever.  My lip was throbbing from an abscess, a huge, hot and rock hard lump rubbing against … Continue reading

God heals rejection instantly.

Words seem so inadequate to describe what happened Friday night in the healing service…. but I’ll try… It was a make or break time period for me in life, my marriage and in myself… I had forgiven and committed to … Continue reading

Knot in stomach muscles and cramping, gone!

After my C-section two years ago I had a knot in the upper part of my stomach muscles. It prevented me from doing sit ups and would cause cramping on the whole left side of my stomach. After being asked … Continue reading

Extremely painful bunyons and nerve damage in both feet healed.

I have painful bunyons in both feet along with damage to the nerves on both feet. When I walk there is extreme tenderness with extreme pain in my feet. I have tried all sorts of things for the pain and … Continue reading

Compression fracture instantly healed.

I’ve had a compression fracture for at least 7 years and I’ve been riding horses lately, which is my dream and has been since I was 5. When it hurts, I can’t bend over and touch my toes or lay … Continue reading

Testimony of Knee Healing

From Pastor Kevin Lindley: TESTIMONY OF KNEE HEALING 9-24-11 Wednesday night Sept. 21 at the healing rooms’ annual conference, Bill Johnson said “I feel like the Lord wants to address those of you who have prayed through for healing for … Continue reading

Healed Hands

Neena writes about her healed hands: I would like to share my testimony about how God healed my hands. It seemed like my hands were always rough like sandpaper, Shawn would say, and I would pray, “God I would love … Continue reading

Jesus Healed My Back!

I have had severe low back pain for most of my life. I have had many, many prayers for it… Continue reading