Introduction/that I may know Him

   The Lord desires an intimate relationship with us, beyond anything we can imagine. We were in fact placed on this earth, ” to bring Him pleasure”. Nothing can bring Him more pleasure than for each one of us to married to Him , in the Marriage supper of the Lamb. Rev. 19:9
   I was looking into the wedding in Matt. 22:2-14. I wanted to see how it compared to the marriage supper of the Lamb. I found that the wedding was primarily about being born again, or salvation. Everyone on the planet has been invited to this wedding, but only those who value it, can be given a wedding garment and enter into the wedding. In this wedding, we are not married to the Lamb, we only have the privilege of attending the wedding. If we have made Jesus our Savior, we are now qualified for the possibility of becoming His Bride. We in essence, have now become one of the ten virgins in Matt. 25:1-13, or what the Song of Solomon calls ” The Daughters of Jerusalem”. Song of Solomon 2:7, 3:5 etc
  If you have been a Christian for any length of time, you have struggled with trying to please the Lord and trying to be “hungry” for Him. I think all of us would have to admit that we are falling short in the hunger and thirst department. We know what we need to do. We know what we would like to do, but like Paul in Romans 7:15-16, we seem to fail in that area of our lives.. I am more hungry for God than I have ever been in my life, right now, but still fall very short in being so in love with Him, that He consumes my every thought. I still struggle to “wait” upon Him and I am very aware that most of you do too. There is great news for us today. There is not a one of us who can create within us that hunger that is required by God to “know Him”. Human or self effort can never get us to the place that is available to us all, primarily, in being in union with Jesus as His Bride. So, how do we do it then?
  A quote from Rick Joyner’s book, The Apostolic Ministry: Also at the end of this age, the church will live in an imperfect environment, in the darkest of times, against the greatest onslaught of evil and temptation, yet she will choose righteousness over iniquity. This will even be a witness to the principalities and powers that truth will ultimately prevail over every lie. For this reason, even the angelic majesties will declare for eternity that these faithful ones, who were obedient against such an onslaught, are worthy to rule with the Lamb.
  My friends, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize we are entering into, or have already entered into the darkest time in the history of mankind. Only those who “overcome” till the end, the overcomers, those who have prepared themselves as His Bride, get to attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Rev. 3:21,12:11, 17:14, 19:7-9. The reason I am pointing this out is because in my opinion, how are we going to survive this onslaught of the enemy in these end times, unless we are prepared? How are we going to be able to overcome the enemies onslaught if we are not utterly surrendered to Jesus? It is not about personal survival, it is about being made into the image of Christ, carrying His glory and very nature within us, to “destroy all the works of the enemy” on behalf of mankind, God’s Kingdom, and our heavenly Bridegroom. How can we BE that if we have no power? How can be what our Daddy so desires us to be, if we do not fully mature into His Bride, before He returns? We need to realize what is at stake here and be motivated by only, ” pleasing the Lamb”.
  We cannot take people into the depths of God, unless we ourselves have experienced the depths of God. We simply cannot give what we have not received. We are weak today because the Spirit of God is not “abiding” in us. If we seek to save ourselves, it is an offence to God. There is only one place where we can get the mind of God, it is alone with God; if you look to anybody else you cannot get it. If we seek to save ourselves we shall never reach the place where we will be able to bind and loose. (Smith Wigglesworth). Matt. 16:21-24.
  We must begin to understand that there is a difference between status quo Christianity and being His Bride who is prepared. None of what I am saying is meant to bring any kind of guilt, shame or condemnation. It is only meant to help us understand where we are at as individuals and corporately, and where our Lord would like us to be. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. Romans 3:23. One of our greatest needs today is to understand that none of us can become what God desires us to be through our own strength and ability. Religion has taught us how to fail, over and over and over again. Religion attempts to bring heart change through “external works”. How is that working out for you? For years I struggled against the sin nature, trying to overcome it through all the ways I was taught by well meaning people, who struggled too. Flesh is a poor master of flesh. I am beginning to understand what Paul meant when he said, “when I am weak, I am strong”. 2nd Cor. 12:10. In Pentecostal and Charismatic circles, I was taught, by example, to never admit a weakness. Don’t confess it! There is some truth to some of that but the bible says ” God gives grace to the humble”. James 4:6 and 10.
  We need to recognize and admit, that there is no way we can create our own hunger, or obey God, or to love Him the way He loves us, through our own works or self efforts. We need to humble ourselves before Him, confess that we can only operate in phileo, human, natural love, and to sincerely ask God to “DRAW US” to Himself. We need to make a firm decision today, to allow God to fully consecrate us, set us apart for Him, and to take us “through the process”, of surrender, and allow Him to create the needed and required hunger within us.
  Wade Taylor; We may have a wonderful testimony; “The Lord told me to go…or, the Lord said to do…but, there is something beyond all spiritual “activity”, which our Lord greatly desires. I said, “Lord, why don’t You  speak and tell me, then I will know what to do?” He said; If I speak and tell you to go, it will destroy the very thing I desire to accomplish within your life. If I were to continually speak to you and say “go” here or there, or “do” this or that, our relationship would become like that of an employer and employee…..I desire our relationship to be as an intimate love relationship, that of a Bridegroom with His Bride, rather than that of an employer and employee. John 17:21. I do not intend our relationship to be that of an employer and employee, Instead, it is to be as a marriage relationship in which there is such oneness and unity, that I will be able to reveal Myself to you. John 14:21 AMP.
  Matt. 16:24. To take up my cross means that I must cross out my ” self will” and my I will. This crucifies my-own way (will), and I again become one with Him. Thus, my will is submitted to and merged into His will. Now, His will has become my will, and I am free to follow Him….He gave the Holy Spirit to abide within us that we might come forth into the victory and fullness of His Body, complete in perfect “union and communion” with Him. The Lord seeks a Bride who is willing to yield her (self) identity and the totality of her being, that she might come into a life of complete “submission” to, and union with her Heavenly Bridegroom.
  Those who approach this relationship with God or attempt to read and study the bible “intellectually”, will never be able to develop into full maturity. We must learn to “listen” to Him in our spirit rather than through our mind. Matt. 13:9. As we learn to listen to Him with our inner spiritual ear, truth is deposited in our spirit. We tend to reverse this process by approaching spiritual truth with our “intellect”, thinking that all this will simultaneously be received in our spirit. Spiritual truth always moves “upward”. Therefore, anointed truth is imparted within our spirit, into the depths of our being, and then gradually works its way up into the realm of our physical mind and understanding. As we patiently “hold our spirit” before the Lord, a process of spiritual transfer takes place, resulting in the Lord being able to more fully reveal Himself to us, satisfying our spiritual hunger and desire for Him.
  Prayer; “Lord, I ask You to enlarge my spiritual hunger and capacity. Anoint and guide me as I begin to partake of the Song of Solomon. Release me from every hindrance, that I might begin to move into the spiritual reality that You have waiting for me to receive”.

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