Introduction to developing intimacy with God

Hello friends,
       today we are going to begin our journey into developing an intimate relationship with God. God has placed within each one of us, this desire to KNOW Him, to walk with Him, face to face, as a Friend. This spiritual journey will be from Wade Taylor’s book, ” The Secret of the Stairs”, mixed in with my own thoughts and what I believe the Lord has showed me over the years.
   I, as most of you have, been seeking the Lord for many years, reading books like Jeanne Guyon’s “Experiencing the Depths of Christ” and Brother Lawrence and the like. To help us develop this intimate relationship with God, does not imply in any way, that any of us have not been sincerely seeking God with our whole hearts or that any of us are spiritually lazy or in sin in any way. I make comments like ” ministry is not intimacy”. This is not meant to condemn or to imply that anyone is doing anything wrong. This is a broad, general, true statement, to help us understand that no matter where we are at in our walk with God, that there is so much more of Himself that He desires to give to us.
  We can have and experience a really great relationship with God, as a servant, or even as a son or daughter, but still not be in intimacy with Him, as a Bride. We need to understand that Jesus intensely desires us to be a committed Bride and to work and cooperate WITH Him, not just For Him. Most of us have been taught that we are automatically His Bride, but not everyone is His Bride. Everyone has the capability of becoming His Bride but not everyone will choose to go on with God to this point simply because it requires a much greater surrender and total death to self.
  I have read Jeanne Guyon’s books, off and on for over 20 years and I love them. They are very deep and profound to me, but Wade Taylor’s book, The Secret of the Stairs, fills in a lot of gaps for me. He is an anointed teacher who was shown through the Song of Solomon a revelation of HOW to begin and pursue intimacy with Christ. He explains, in detail, the process and progression of the development of intimacy with God and why some things are necessary in the process.
  We truly hope that this progressive teaching will propel each one us into a much deeper relationship with God, no matter where we are currently at. I have always said there are no formulas for intimacy, and there are not. This is not meant to be one. It is one man’s experience with another mans ( me ) experiences intermingled in. As we go through this together, each one of us will have our own, very personal experiences, as each one of us are very different people. If you wish to share, please do. We would love to hear about your personal experiences, questions, concerns, struggles, etc. Thank you. Love Mark and Catherine

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